House Republicans introduce Kermit Gosnell bill

A trio of House Republicans have introduced a measure that calls for a review of abortion procedures in the United States in light of the horrors alleged in the trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Breaking down the House and Senate funding votes

With no resolution on the horizon over keeping the government running and providing for additional disaster relief funding, here’s a look at the numbers.

Republicans unveil new Tennessee map

Tennessee Republicans seek to shore up freshman Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher on a draft congressional redistricting map released Friday.

More than 100 lawmakers ask Obama to seek congressional approval on Syria strikes

List of lawmakers includes dozens of Republicans and several Democrats.

Getting elected to Congress can be bad for your bank account – UPDATED

On average, Congressmen are actually less rich than you'd expect given their race, education level, and age, to the tune of $343,093.


‘Temporary’ farm subsidy program may finally meet the reaper

(Daniel Acker / Bloomberg)

The aid has continued 10 years past its expiration date, and you don’t even have to be a farmer to get it.

Barney Frank: Republicans want to ‘re-deregulate’ financial system

(Jay Mallin / BLOOMBERG)

The GOP is pushing bills that Democrats say will gut new Wall Street reform.

Who voted against the short-term spending bill?

(Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP)

Seventy Republicans refused to approve the spending plan.

God is opposed to food stamps? Let's try an evidence-based approach to hunger instead.


It's easy for powerful members of Congress to help themselves to such largess and justify it biblically with "God helps those who help themselves."