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Super Tuesday 2012: Republican Primary Elections

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The Republican candidates split the Super Tuesday states, with Mitt Romney picking up wins in Virginia, Vermont and Massachusetts, Rick Santorum winning North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee, and Newt Gingrich taking his home state of Georgia. The Ohio primary was down to the wire between Romney and Santorum.


Super Tuesday 2012: Republican Primary Elections

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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney faces Republican primary challengers Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul in 10 Super Tuesday contests.


Super Tuesday analysis: Good enough for Mitt Romney (1:51)

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza discusses what the GOP race looks like after Mitt Romney's win in Ohio on Super Tuesday, and whether the former Massachusetts governor has the nomination sewn up.


Ohio polls open on Super Tuesday (1:01)

Ohio's Super Tuesday outcome in the Republican presidential race is being closely watched after Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum devoted most of their campaigning to the state in recent days. (March 6)


Super Tuesday: Romney and Santorum get ready for the big day (2:27)

Just hours before their Super Tuesday showdown, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum strained for an edge in Ohio and braced for the 10 primaries and caucuses likely to redefine the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Setting the Super Tuesday stakes

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THE FIX | A look at where each of four GOP presidential candidates stand in each of the 10 states set to vote on March 6.

What if Super Tuesday was more like March Madness?

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Surely, there must be a way to reform the primary election calendar and truly super-size Super Tuesday?


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