It’s okay, I played Jesus and George Washington, says Vampire LARPer/Florida GOP candidate

Actually, a Vampire LARPer might be just what Congress needs.

Impeachment talk is back. Here’s a timeline of how we got here. Again.

The White House didn’t start it.

Exhibit D in GOP lunacy

Rep. Ted Yoho likens the courage of Rosa Parks, Lech Walesa and Martin Luther King to the conservatives willingness to shutdown the government over funding Obamacare.

The shutdown squad sides with Putin

Tea party hard-liners are still out of step.


Vampires, RINOs and things that go bump in the night

(Tom Toles)

In Florida, politics again take a strange turn.

This Republican candidate wants everyone to stop talking about his vampire costume. Good luck with that.

Meet Jake Rush, congressional candidate and LARPer.

Who voted against U.S. aid to Ukraine?

Fewer than two dozen lawmakers went on the record Thursday opposed to U.S. aid to Ukraine or aspects of the agreement.

The stories behind the shutdown photos

Washington Post photojournalist Melina Mara was able to capture meetings between lawmakers that defined the budget impasse.