READ IN: April 2, 2014: Bowser wins D.C. primary, Jindal out with health care blueprint, Cruz gets mega book deal and Yepsen on Braley

Bowser wins in D.C., Jindal rolls out health care plan, Cruz gets a mega book deal, and David Yepsen on Bruce Braley.


Barry Goldwater’s loss should be a warning to the GOP, not a rallying cry


Barry Goldwater’s defeat should not be seen as positive step for the party.

32 House Republicans call for Sebelius’s resignation

Most of the signatories come from the tea party/cast-iron conservative wing of the party.


Opposition to Syria strike brings together liberal Democrats, libertarian Republicans

(Aaron Blake, Darla Cameron and Kennedy Elliott)

Liberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans are united by their opposition to a military strike.

Many Republicans think hitting the debt ceiling is no big deal. They're wrong.

Hitting the debt ceiling would be very, very bad. A lot of elected officials seem to be in denial about this.

Morning Plum: Republicans flirt with engaging in constructive policy-making

A new report says immigration reform may not be quite dead yet.

Happy Hour Roundup

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

42 first tweets: How politicians said “hello” on Twitter

A history of politicians’ first Internet musings.