With Cotton set to announce Senate run, Pryor launches attack ad

Cotton, 36, will speak at a barbeque tonight at 6 p.m. eastern time in Dardanelle, Ark.


Campaign 2014: Tom Cotton 'Listened'

Arkansas GOP Senate candidate Rep. Tom Cotton released this ad that accuses President Obama of "hijack[ing] the farm bill and turn[ing] it into a food stamp bill."

Can Tom Cotton help the U.S. hang on?

Rep. Tom Cotton talks to Right Turn.

A bunch of Republican Senate candidates spoke at a Koch Brothers conference. So what?

It’s hard to see this fact changing lots of minds.

Tom Cotton runs for Senate

Sen. Mark Pryor gets the bad news: Rep. Tom Cotton is challenging him.


Campaign 2014: Tom Cotton 'Worked Hard'

Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is making a bid for the Senate. In one of his recent campaign ads, he says Democrats want to give immigrants social security benefits "for work they did with forged identities."

Rep. Tom Cotton finishes ACLI race as new Fastest Man in Congress

The freshman rep from Arkansas made a dazzling debut, placing 32nd overall in the annual race and besting all his fellow lawmakers.