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What’s the most effective campaign advertisement of the 2012 election?

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Campaign advertising is everywhere, especially if you live in key swing areas of the country. Flip on the television and you’ll see campaign ads. Try jogging to your favorite Pandora station and you could get solicited to share your e-mail address. Cruise Twitter and find a candidate has bought promoted tweets.

Campaign advertising differs in tone, message, platform, technology, and audience. So, we want to know: What kind of campaign advertising works?

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Republicans advertise on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Democrats buy ads on ‘Big Brother.’

(Sonja Flemming / AP)

A review of FCC records reveals which television programs the parties favor when it comes to advertising.


In Brazil, presidential candidates try to catch a wave

(Felipe Dana / AP)

The first round of voting is Sunday, and it is unlikely to produce a winner.

Here’s how a cartoon smiley face punched a big hole in democratic theory

Fleeting exposure to “irrelevant stimuli” powerfully shapes our assessments of policy arguments.


Goldstein on Republican Campaign Advertising

Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Goldstein, president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group, talks about presidential campaign advertising and outlook for the Iowa caucuses. Goldstein speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "InsideTrack." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is the single most-aired political ad in the last 10 years

Courtesy of the most thorough accounting of political ads we’ve ever seen in one place.

‘Billions’ spent on attacking Obamacare?

President Obama claims “billions” have been spent on attacking the health care law. Is that so?