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White House: Obama offers Netherlands condolences

President Barack Obama and Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte (RUH’-tuh) are in agreement that Russia is still working to destabilize Ukraine.

A brief history of illicit drug use at the White House

Snoop Dogg’s pot-smoking claim puts him in the company of Willie Nelson, Grace Slick and others.

News quiz: FAA bans flights, virus spreads, Snoop Dogg has an adventure

How closely have you been paying attention to the news in the past week? Test your knowledge with Express’ current events quiz.


And minder makes three: For White House interviews, it’s never just one-on-one

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

A press staffer almost always attends when reporters sit down with administration officials.


White House: FAA has not given notice about flights over Gaza

The White House says individual airlines, not the FAA, are making the decision to cancel flights.


White House: Health subsidies not halted by ruling

The White House says health subsidies under the Affordable Care Act will continue to flow for the time being despite a major setback delivered by a federal appeals court.

Snoop Dogg says he smoked marijuana in the White House — without Obama

The man had the means, motive and opportunity.


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