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This morning, Netanyahu tried to downplay his tensions with Obama. Did it work?

“Reports of the demise of U.S.-Israeli relations are not only premature, they’re just wrong,” Netanyahu told the audience.


For Hillary and Bibi, a long and sometimes fraught relationship

(Brendan Smialowski / AP)

If Clinton becomes president, Netanyahu will see his old sparring partner as an improvement over Obama. But he’d rather have a hawkish Republican.

Split over ‘tactics’ is to blame for DHS funding impasse, House GOP leaders say

The defeat of a House DHS bill is not a sign of a more profound rift between conservative and moderate Republican factions, they insist.

Rick Perry questions Hillary Clinton’s ethical judgment

The former Texas governor asks Hillary Clinton, “Where’s your loyalty?“


Obama staying out of the GOP crossfire in shutdown fight

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

White House has vowed no bargains to help resolve the Republican impasse over the DHS bill.


After eight years together, Boehner and McConnell still clash over strategy

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

The House speaker and the Senate majority leader share a political party but not an approach to success.

Aretha Franklin fist-bumps Obama at ceremony for Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General steps down after serving as the nation’s top lawyer since 2009 under President Obama.

President Obama on Leonard Nimoy: ‘I loved Spock’

“Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy,” the president said following Nimoy’s death at 83.


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