Aid groups knew a Nepal earthquake would be a disaster. But they couldn’t raise enough money to help.

In 2013, I interviewed Jo Scheuer, a United Nations official advising countries on natural disaster risk reduction. He’d been all over the world, surveying places vulnerable to floods, earthquakes and droughts, and I asked him what natural disaster scenario he feared the most. Without hesitation he replied: “The one that personally keeps me up at night, […]

  • Mark Leon Goldberg
  • ·
  • 13 hours ago
People cremate the bodies of the victims of an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal April 26, 2015. Rescuers dug with their bare hands and bodies piled up in Nepal on Sunday after the earthquake devastated the heavily crowded Kathmandu valley, killing at least 1,900, and triggered a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The NFL’s stadium game is heading overseas

Why London could be pro football's new Los Angeles.

  • Neil deMause
  • ·
  • 21 hours ago
If the NFL has its way, throngs of eager Brits could be waiting for a team in London for a long, long time. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Is the House of Saud teetering on the edge of collapse?

A top Iranian figure thinks that the Saudi government is about to crack. Is he right?

Trans people need an icon. But Bruce Jenner is the worst possible choice.

Just as the transgender experience is beginning to be normalized in American culture, it will be swept up with the ultimate symbol of abnormality and dysfunction: the Kardashian family.

I read books by only minority authors for a year. It showed me just how white our reading world is.

White authors reign in book reviews, bestseller lists, literary awards and recommendations.

Samantha Power, our great crusader against genocide, is weirdly complacent about these mass slaughters. Why?

The administration's position shouldn't matter. It's time for the U.N. ambassador to recognize the Armenian genocide.

The U.S. is celebrating the wrong anniversary for the Vietnam War

Our collective failure to properly mark the real start of the Vietnam war reflects our failure to fully come to terms with the origins or our nation’s involvement.

  • Theasa Tuohy
  • ·
  • 21 hours ago

What I learned about romance by working at a video dating service in the ’90s

Don’t talk about what you don’t like about yourself, keep it positive and focus on the good things.

  • Merritt Watts
  • ·
  • 21 hours ago

Hillary Clinton is not ‘calculating’ or risk-averse. I watched her take a huge gamble — and it paid off.

Don't believe every insult you read.

  • Lissa Muscatine
  • ·
  • 2 days ago

The Reconnection Agenda is here…the intro to my new book

My new book offers a detailed prescription on how we can reconnect economic growth and broadly shared prosperity. Here's the intro, followed by a link to a PDF of the book. Happy Friday!

This wasn’t the PhD advice you were looking for

This wasn't the PhD advice you were looking for

I didn’t have to procreate to carry on my Armenian-American family legacy

  • Haig Chahinian
  • ·
  • 3 days ago

Scott Walker and The Very Strange Moment for GOP politics and policy

The Wisconsin governor, and prospective presidential candidate, has modified his position on immigration. Again. That's not interesting. What's interesting is why he's modifying it.

Louisa May Alcott, a spinster hero for single women of all eras

Being young and single is once again in fashion: Whereas previous generations saw marriage as the entry point into adulthood, young people today are more likely to delay marriage until other goals, such as higher education and establishing a career, have been accomplished. Sixty-eight percent of U.S. adults under 33 have never married. The median age […]

A very important memo to Donald Trump

As Donald Trump gears up for his next faux presidential run, we here at Spoiler Alerts offer up a modest proposal.

There is a right way to talk to your kids about money

Start by teaching them that there are benefits in waiting for things.

  • Pushpa Wood
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

Forget about the free-range kids. Children in America still aren’t safe enough.

Crime, traffic and parental neglect are serious dangers for too many kids.

  • David Finkelhor
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

Iran executed my grandfather. Now the regime is trying to hide the way it has treated other Jews.

Jews have good reason to be wary of Tehran's rhetoric.

  • Shahrzad Elghanayan
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

How ‘Star Wars’ answers our biggest religious questions

  • Joel Hodge
  • ·
  • 6 days ago

How some school funding formulas hurt learning and make schools more dangerous

Attendance-based funding forces educators to keep unruly -- sometimes violent -- children in school.

  • Cinque Henderson
  • ·
  • 6 days ago
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