The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store

Legislation to control our food choices is the latest indignity.

  • Jeanine Grant Lister
  • ·
  • 18 hours ago

The state of the P5+1 talks, as explained by (mostly) heavy metal music videos

Are you confused by the nuclear negotiations going on in Lausanne? Here's a friendly explainer, in the form of heavy metal music videos.

What if we can’t know what makes us happy?

We constantly mine our experiences for data on how to live a better life. But what if they don't hold the answers?

Yes, the new ‘Daily Show’ host is black. And he’s spent his career making fun of African Americans.

So much for that "fresh perspective" on race.

Why a musician’s life expectancy depends on what kind of music she plays

Even common causes of death differ for country musicians and hip-hop artists.

Let’s celebrate the people who pay the highest taxes by naming post offices and schools after them

A clever way to get the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Will triangulation work in 2016?

Hillary Clinton's emerging 2016 campaign strategy seems clearer now. Will it work?

The Middle East maelstrom is ruining the narratives about the Iran negotiations

In theory, the Iran nuclear negotiations could be considered separately from ongoing Middle East events. In practice...

You’re not fooling everyone with your pretend laughter

There are subtle features of fake laughs that give them away.

The coverage of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz has been shameful

How our obsession with the perpetrator hurts the victims.

  • Kira Goldenberg
  • ·
  • 2 days ago

Don’t be so quick to believe that Andreas Lubitz committed suicide

What other pilot murder-suicides teach us about the Germanwings Flight 9525 tragedy.

How technology is making us tip more than ever

Digital payment systems could be pushing us to a new tipping point.

  • Kam Leung Yeung
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

Anatomy of a whole-of-government foreign policy failure

The Asian Infrastructure Development Bank is proceeding apace, despite U.S. efforts to stop it. Who screwed this up?

What traveling with an infant taught me about the kindness of strangers

It really does take a village.

  • Emily Kaye Lazzaro
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

Why no one likes a realpolitik foreign policy

The United States is using military force to help Iran in one country and thwart Iran in another country. That's a hell of a way to run foreign policy.

Why you should spend more time on your home decor

We tend to think of beautifying our surroundings as a luxury. It should be a priority.

The politics of reconnecting growth and broadly shared prosperity

When can't get to where we need to go with our current politics.

How to cut taxes and help the poor at the same time

It's time to toss some popular tax credits that really just help the rich.

Why well-educated Westerners are joining the Islamic State

Education can make us more likely to join extremist groups, but it doesn't have to.

  • Warren R. Heydenberk, Roberta Heydenberk
  • ·
  • Foreign affairs
  • ·
  • Mar 25, 2015

What’s the best line from a bad movie?

Americans reference lines from great movies all the time. What about the best lines from bad films?

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