Shawn Ullman

Shawn Ullman is the co-founder and CEO of Feel Rich, Inc., a multicultural health and wellness media company. Quincy D. Jones III, Ullman’s partner, has recorded and remixed tracks for Prince, Tupac, Ice Cube, L.L. Cool J. and Lionel Ritchie, among others. Ullman and Jones say the work they do, producing music videos on health education, creates for a level of consciousness of the obesity crisis in the music and rap industry. "We take these statistics, a personal story about heart disease, and put a spin on it,” Ullman said. “Health, the new status symbol of wealth.” (The Washington Post)
September 27, 2013

Nearly one in three American children are overweight or obese. But after decades of rising rates, we may be turning a corner on the health crisis. Experts across fields gathered at Washington Post Live’s 2013 Childhood Obesity Summit to discuss strategies resulting in healthier children.

Shawn Ullman, co-founder, Feel Rich Inc.

There’s a vast amount of knowledge about healthy eating out there.What we’re doing is remixing it and making it fun, making it edgy and making it into a cool factor.

It’s working. We can tell a couple of ways. One, if you just look at our YouTube numbers, we’re talking about health and we’re getting the same number of views as music videos. The second thing is we also host live events that are actually health concerts. It’s like a hip-hop concert, but you’re working out for 90 minutes. The community keeps on coming back, and the audience is getting bigger and bigger.

There’s a rapper by the name of from Dead Prez who released The Workout, which is 12 songs all about working out and eating healthy. He released it independently and it was Number One on iTunes in health and fitness for 12 weeks straight. It’s starting to happen. It’s moving slowly, but it’s picking up speed.

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