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After 25 years, family still hopes for 12 year-old’s return

Tiffany Goines put on her blue jacket and asked her mother if she could go over to a friend’s house in December 1987. It was the last time Betty Goines would ever see her daughter. Today, Anqoinette Crosby, a contributor to The RootDC takes a look at the unsolved case of Tiffany Goines, whose story has been largely ignored by local media. The story explores how for more than 2 decades Tiffany’s family has held out hope that she is still alive. Crosby’s story is part of an occasional series called “Vanished” that looks at the cases of local people of color who have gone missing. Very often such missing person cases are under reported by media outlets and overlooked by local police departments. (Video by: Daniel Grudovich / The Washington Post)

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