The Wisconsin governor's fall in the polls amid Donald Trump's rise has prompted calls for him to return to the issues he championed in his home state.
Marvin Mandel was a Democratic loyalist. (James Thresher/Post)
He dominated Maryland’s political landscape in the 1970s and is remembered for modernizing and streamlining state government, and a racketeering conviction that was overturned on appeal.
The neighborhood is a symbol of D.C.’s renaissance, but the recent crime wave has puzzled residents and started to seem like the carnage that defined the area a generation ago.
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Regulators are trying to crack down on practices in an industry that mostly employs Latino immigrants.
Police say that up to six shots were fired near 3rd and K streets SW about 6:45 p.m. Sunday.
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The Redskins’ backup quarterbacks are far from perfect, but they both have an ability to bounce back from negative plays.
A panel studying how to reduce recidivism and lower prison costs may expand its scope after recent data from the Pew Charitable Trust showed the disparity. 
The clash between D.C.’s mayor and activists at a press conference last week was instructive. 
Miles of new sidewalks in the region are flaking and crumbling, and local governments and contractors are trying to find out why.
Washington overcame an early deficit to clinch a fourth straight series win, 7-4.
The woman, who hurt her ankle, is expected to be fine, Montgomery County officials said.
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The former president taught an overflow crowd about forgiveness in his second lesson since discussing his cancer diagnosis.
The president will announce the name change in Anchorage on Monday, adopting the name used by Alaska Natives that means “the great one.”
Chrissie Hynde is facing backlash for comments that wearing provocative clothing makes women responsible if they are assaulted.
His books, many of which were bestsellers, chronicled maladies and dignified the afflicted.
Bernie Sanders just might win the N.H. primary and it's impossible to guess if Joe Biden will decide to run. 
A man fell to his death from the upper deck at Turner Field in Atlanta, offering another reminder about safety at sporting venues.
Kyle Jean-Baptiste was only 21, but he was crafting a bright career for himself as Broadway’s youngest and first black Jean Valjean before he died Saturday.
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