At a DNC meeting, Martin O’Malley described debate rules as “rigged,” and Sen. Bernie Sanders urged the rejection of the political status quo.
A Houston-area manhunt was underway after a sheriff's deputy was gunned down.
As of Friday, the city's homicide numbers stand at 105, the same as last year's total. 
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A tribute to slain journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward outside their TV station. (Reuters)
Vester Flanagan's suicide manifesto blamed a series of tormentors, but former supervisors said he was self-absorbed and prone to intense overreactions.
The complaint, filed against the contractors who designed, built and inspected the Silver Spring center, says that their "collective failure" led to five years of delays and $50 million in cost overruns.
The RGIII saga takes another baffling turn, after yet another troubling week in Ashburn.
Lawrence Joynes, who pleaded guilty to placing 14 young children in sexual poses and making videos of them, apologized for betraying the victims’ trust.
Police say Kassahun Abebe Edo had just attended a friend's wedding when he stopped to watch a street fight and was attacked without provocation.
One plant is about to open, one is being built and another is proposed in the same rural area.
The incident forced Metro to close two downtown stations, leaving tens of thousands of riders scrambling for alternatives.
The Washington right-hander gave up a pair of home runs as the Nats dropped the first game of the series against Miami.
At neighborhoods that suffered the worst 10 years ago, FEMA's search codes quickly told the story of homes inspected and whether people were found inside.
He joined the growing calls for Europe to revamp a dysfunctional asylum system as the influx grows.
A man with a fake Turkish passport and bomb-making materials is held in connection with the deadly incident two weeks ago.
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Hackers once again prove that corporate hotshots are not immune to being taken down.
Owen Labrie, 19, was found guilty of misdemeanor sex charges involving a 15-year-old girl at New Hampshire's St. Paul's School. 
An appeals court ruled that protesters do not have a right to congregate on the plaza in front of the court, reversing a ruling two years ago by a lower court.
Her parents are fighting for a treatment for her severe epilepsy, but in a country scarred by drug violence, opposition to legalization is as staunch as ever.
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