Congress has barred the government from collecting phone and other records in bulk, but the NSA is continuing to do so as it transitions the program to phone companies by November.
Harry Devert in the Himalayas. (Courtesy of Ann Devert)
A year and a half after his disappearance, Mexican authorities have charged an alleged gang leader with his death. But those closest to Devert are not convinced.
The incident forced Metro to close two downtown stations, leaving tens of thousands of riders scrambling for alternatives.
The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. and closed part of the road in both directions during the morning rush hour.
A commission seeks ideas from the public on how best to commemorate the late Marion Barry.
The zoo used DNA tests to determine sex and figure out which male sired the cubs.
Robert Griffin III wasn't the first to note that he just works for the team.
Quarterback Robert Griffin III speaks to reporters on Aug. 18, 2015. (AP)
A young man was chased by two others onto the firetruck, where they fought, police said.
“I made my decisions, and I am prepared to bear their fullest consequences,” he told the court.
Lillian Lowery, hired in 2012, will become president and CEO of an Ohio education nonprofit.
The weekend's best bets in nightlife, festivals, comedy, sports and music, as well as many other events around D.C.
New documents show the longtime Hillary Clinton aide juggling multiple jobs during her State Department stint.
The hack exposed the e-mail addresses and other personal information about millions of users looking for affairs.
Even the Department of Veterans Affairs lost a little more than a quarter of its veterans within two years.
Earlier today, Erika lashed Puerto Rico with wind and rain that killed at least four people.
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