The National Labor Relations Board voted to redefine the employee-employer relationship, granting new bargaining powers to workers in an economy increasingly reliant on subcontractors, franchisees and temporary staffing agencies.
Austrian authorities launched an international probe Thursday into the deaths of more than 70 suspected migrants whose bodies were discovered in the back of an abandoned truck.
Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, in 2011. (Reuters)
New documents show the longtime Hillary Clinton aide juggling multiple jobs during her State Department stint.
The items police found in Vester L. Flanagan II’s rental car hint that he considered remaining on the run.
“Clearly that gentleman should not have owned a gun,” the Virginia governor said, unleashing a firestorm of criticism for “shameless politicization of tragedy.”
The D.C. mayor was forced to retreat from the stage as activists decried plans for a police crackdown in hard-hit neighborhoods.
It’s illegal in Maryland to keep a coyote — even if it’s wearing a collar, like this one in Calvert County.
(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)
Michael A. Taylor and Yunel Escobar both left the game with injuries and Denard Span was placed on the disabled list.
The drama of the past few weeks is plenty familiar — and could stunt a rebuilding plan that had the team moving in right direction.
The Virginia school, which nearly closed this spring, welcomed back fewer than half the number of students who attended last year, but the campus has a new energy.
Advocates for working families protested the event, criticizing the New Jersey governor’s record and urging Maryland’s governor not to follow in his footsteps.
The Democrat is deciding if he has the “emotional fuel” for a third bid.
Trump's remarks on his fellow candidate are the latest manifestation of decades of discord between the mogul and Bushes.
ESSAY | The storm's name has become a popular political stand-in for a major failing. The original stands alone.
A volunteer army of fact-checkers has published a report that affirms the skepticism about much of what gets published in scientific journals.
In a letter to Congress, the women’s health organization goes on the offense against a group that mounted an undercover sting.
The whimsical ways of "Chocolate Thunder" helped buoy the NBA through a turbulent period in the late 1970s.
Most agree that it’s okay to use your phone while walking down the street. But it's still frowned upon during meals.
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