The death toll from Europe's refugee crisis surged higher after Austrian authorities raised the count of bodies found in abandoned truck to more than 70, and as many as 200 people were believed to have drowned off the coast of Libya. 
Harry Devert in the Himalayas. (Courtesy of Ann Devert)
A year and a half after his disappearance, Mexican authorities have charged an alleged gang leader with his death. But those closest to Devert are not convinced.
The items police found in Vester L. Flanagan II’s rental car hint that he considered remaining on the run.
A young man was chased by two others onto the firetruck, where they fought, police said.
The zoo used DNA tests to determine sex and figure out which male sired the cubs.
The drama of the past few weeks is plenty familiar — and could stunt a rebuilding plan that had the team moving in right direction.
Yunel Escobar reacts after being drilled in his right hand. (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)
Michael A. Taylor and Yunel Escobar both left the game with injuries and Denard Span was placed on the disabled list.
About 750 men were transferred to other city facilities in recent weeks after Gov. Hogan ordered jail closed.
Our brief respite from humidity slowly dwindles this weekend as heat also builds.
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The weekend's best bets in nightlife, festivals, comedy, sports and music, as well as many other events around D.C.
In a letter to Congress, the women’s health organization goes on the offense against a group that mounted an undercover sting.
Lose the low-delegate, high-profile contests — and win where it matters most to the bottom line.
A volunteer army of fact-checkers has published a report that affirms the skepticism about much of what gets published in scientific journals.
ESSAY | The storm's name has become a popular political stand-in for a major failing. The original stands alone.
The commemorations are also a reminder that a great many of the old problems persist.
Did the Times-Picayune’s three-day-a-week print schedule work or did it weaken the paper?
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