Ruling lets religious groups not cover contraceptives

(Reuters, NOV 27 / Reuters)

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this year on the issue related to new health-care law.

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Kentucky jury convicts ex-priest in sodomy case

Kentucky jury convicts ex-priest in sodomy case

A jury has convicted a former Catholic priest of three counts of sodomy in a case stemming from the 1970s.


End of NYPD’s Muslim surveillance program draws praise, criticism

End of NYPD’s Muslim surveillance program draws praise, criticism

Director of the Arab American Association of New York, Linda Sarsour, applauds the NYPD decision to end the Muslim surveillance program but said there's still concern about police mentality towards Muslims.

NYC police rolling back some counterterror efforts

NYC police rolling back some counterterror efforts

The move by New York City’s new police commissioner to disband a unit that spied on the everyday activities of Muslims could be just the first step in a dismantling of some of the huge post-9/11 intelligence-gathering machinery built by his predecessor.

Can you question the Resurrection and still be a Christian?

“On the third day, he rose again.”

Muslims welcome shuttering of NYPD spying unit

Muslim and civil rights groups welcomed the news that the New York City Police Department’s Demographics Unit will disband but said they still fear they may be targets of warrantless surveillance.

Holy Week music sets a high bar, but one church rises to the challenge

Think Christmas, and carols come to mind: “Joy to the World,” ‘’Silent Night,” ‘’The First Noel.” But think of the other great Christian season — Holy Week and Easter — and most people draw a musical blank.

Activists call on British government to deport African exorcist

A Pentecostal preacher who claims to deliver people from witchcraft is a danger to children and should be deported from England, activists say.

Bill Nye says he underestimated debate's impact

Bill Nye says he underestimated debate's impact

TV’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye said he underestimated the impact of a February debate in Kentucky on evolution and creationism that drew a massive online audience.

Religion news in brief

Religion news in brief

Obama to faith leaders: No immigration fix planned

FILM REVIEW: Humor makes 'Heaven' accessible

A wide-eyed 4-year-old makes a fairly convincing case for the existence of an afterlife in “Heaven Is for Real.” But it’s Greg Kinnear, with his characteristic affability, who just about seals the deal.

Pope gives a lift to 2 kids in St. Peter's Square

Pope gives a lift to 2 kids in St. Peter's Square

Pope Francis has given a lift to two lucky kids during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square.

Cancer-stricken ex-priest on trial for sex abuse

Cancer-stricken ex-priest on trial for sex abuse

As testimony began in a long-delayed trial against former Catholic priest James Schook, a witness said Tuesday that he had numerous sexual encounters with Schook, beginning at age 13, at a Louisville church in the 1970s.

COMMENTARY: CIA torture report ought to disturb all our consciences

At Easter, Christians celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead. But in light of new revelations of the CIA’s abhorrent acts of torture, it’s the United States that needs resurrection, too.

When Pope Francis washes women's feet, arguments follow. Who's right?

On Thursday evening (April 17), in a familiar reprise of an ancient rite, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis., will wash the feet of 12 men, all seminarians — a re-creation of Jesus’ action at the Last Supper when he washed the feet of his disciples and, according to Catholic doctrine, formally instituted the priesthood.

Hobby Lobby's Steve Green launches a new project: a public school Bible curriculum

The Mustang, Okla., school board voted Monday (April 14) to adopt a Bible course developed by Steve Green, clearing the way for the Hobby Lobby president, whose suit against the Affordable Care Act is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, to enter another charged arena at the borderline of church and state.

Vatican faces second round of UN scrutiny on sexual abuse policies

The Vatican next month will face yet another crucial United Nations hearing that will scrutinize the Catholic Church’s response to clerical sex abuse.

'Blood moon' sets off apocalyptic debate among some Christians

Could a series of “blood moon” events be connected to Jesus’ return? Some Christians think so.

COMMENTARY: Lessons for our democracy from the not-so-distant past

As latter-day partisans fling terms like “dictator” and “Nazi,” I decided to read William Shirer’s classic book about the real thing.

Security enhanced at Jewish centers nationwide

Allan Finkelstein’s phone began ringing soon after a gunman killed three people at two Jewish sites in the suburbs of Kansas City on Sunday.

Vatican responds to next round of UN abuse inquiry

The Vatican has responded to the latest round of U.N. sex abuse inquiries by suggesting it is only responsible for implementing a U.N. treaty against torture within the confines of the tiny Vatican City State.