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Episcopal Church's Katharine Jefferts Schori will not seek re-election

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first woman elected to head a national branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, announced Tuesday (Sept. 23) that she will not seek a second nine-year term in office.

Jewish resolutions for the Jewish New Year

If you’re Jewish, it’s the time of year to do some serious soul-searching.

Embattled evangelicals: 'War on religion' is aimed at us

These are anxious times for white evangelicals, according to two new surveys.

Pope Francis tries again on traditionalist reconciliation after Benedict XVI failed

Picking up a piece of unfinished business that consumed the energies of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the Vatican under Pope Francis is again trying to repair a decades-old breach with a controversial group of traditionalist Catholics.

Stop whining, and grow up (COMMENTARY)

The southbound Acela from New York Penn Station could go faster.

On Supreme Court docket: beards, church signs, and, yes, Middle East peace

A Muslim prisoner in Arkansas, a Christian pastor in Arizona and an 11-year-old Jewish boy born in Jerusalem will present the Supreme Court with three chances in the next few months to rule on cases with religious overtones.

Vatican eyes 'gradual' talks with breakaway group

The Vatican said Tuesday that reconciliation talks are gradually resuming with a breakaway group of traditionalist Catholics following a two-year lull.

Portland immigrant takes sanctuary at church

Portland immigrant takes sanctuary at church

A community activist who first came to the U.S. from El Salvador nearly two decades ago spent the weekend hidden in an Oregon church, becoming the latest immigrant to seek sanctuary as authorities try to deport him.

Libya rival backers reject outside interference

The United Nations, the European Union and 13 countries, including those suspected of supporting rival sides in Libya, signed an agreement Monday that calls for an end to any “outside interference” in the country that is plagued by violence and torn between two governments and parliaments.

Parishioners meet with bishop over gay couple

A Roman Catholic bishop says a central Montana parish is about evenly divided over a new priest’s decision to prohibit a gay couple from receiving Communion unless they divorce, live separately and write a statement affirming that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Ice Bucket competitor: Can the Quran Challenge go viral?

Move over Ice Bucket Challenge. Muslims have a new take on the viral social media phenomenon: the Quran Challenge.

How superstition may thwart Ebola's eradication in Guinea

Church leaders in West Africa are raising concerns over sporadic violence that has killed one of their own and frustrated efforts to stem the Ebola epidemic.

Appeals court revives Connecticut synagogue suit

A federal appeals court has reinstated a Jewish group’s lawsuit accusing the Litchfield Historic District Commission of religious discrimination when it rejected plans for a synagogue in 2007.

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VATICAN CITY ( RNS) Pope Francis has appointed a special commission to look at ways to make it easier for Roman Catholics to dissolve their marriages in the eyes of the church.

Religion loses clout: Why many say that's a bad thing

More Americans today say religion’s influence is losing ground just when they want it to play a stronger role in public life and politics.

Pope chooses a moderate for Chicago archbishop

Pope chooses a moderate for Chicago archbishop

As the leader of two American dioceses, Roman Catholic Bishop Blase Cupich has staked out a firm position in the middle of the road.

Pope indicates a shift by appointing a moderate as Chicago archbishop

Pope indicates a shift by appointing a moderate as Chicago archbishop

Blase Cupich has called for civility in the culture wars and will succeed a conservative, who is battling cancer.

Chicago meets its new archbishop as the 'Pope Francis effect' sets in

When Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich got a call 10 days ago with the news that Pope Francis had chosen him to be the next archbishop of Chicago — the pontiff’s most important U.S. appointment to date — he was so taken aback that he couldn’t speak for a few moments.

Pope creates panel to 'safeguard' marriage bond

Pope Francis has created a commission to study how to safeguard what the church calls the everlasting bonds of marriage while streamlining annulment procedures.