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WHERE WE LIVE | South Riding has a host of recreational amenities and typically offers near-constant neighborhood events.
  • 5 days ago
WHERE WE LIVE | Williamsburg Square/Ashton Place is affordable, family-friendly and next to a road that inspired John Denver’s breakout hit.
WHERE WE LIVE | Washington’s second-oldest community, known for good schools, safety and community, is also getting spruced up.
  • Mar 19
WHERE WE LIVE | As a forest of cranes transforms the neighborhood, growth can feel a little overwhelming at times.
WHERE WE LIVE | A community shopping center and recreational facilities anchor the enclave of 442 houses and townhouses.
  • Feb 19
WHERE WE LIVE | The Montgomery County town and its quaint homes are nestled in 200 acres of forest and parkland.
  • Feb 13
WHERE WE LIVE | Residents welcome new housing and stores but worry about low-income families’ fate.
  • Feb 5
WHERE WE LIVE | A sports pavilion is the hub of a 5,500-unit planned community that has much more to offer.
  • Jan 30
WHERE WE LIVE | A vision begun in 1988 leads to a tightknit, walkable community full of amenities and green space.
WHERE WE LIVE | A D.C. tourism mainstay has a redeveloped waterfront to go with its old-world charm.
WHERE WE LIVE | Redeveloped neighborhood has a wealth of housing, restaurants, retailers — and a sense of community.
  • Jan 9
WHERE WE LIVE | The Md. enclave, just north of the D.C. line, is rich in history, foliage and neighborliness.
WHERE WE LIVE | Residents view it as a hidden gem but hope new developments bring more in the way of stores and restaurants.
WHERE WE LIVE | Leesburg Country Club residents like their old trees and lack of a homeowners association.
  • Dec 4
WHERE WE LIVE | Community center is a refuge for young and old as development reshapes a hot neighborhood.
  • Nov 27
Affordability and access to public transit were factors in Redfin?s decision naming it one of the 10 hottest neighborhoods in the U.S. for home buyers in 2017.
  • Nov 27
WHERE WE LIVE | The community’s heart, downtown Old Ellicott City, has come back from catastrophic floods.
WHERE WE LIVE | Close-knit community on the Occoquan Reservoir teems with wildlife, recreation opportunities and varied housing choices.
  • Nov 14
WHERE WE LIVE | Majority-African-American neighborhood rebounded from hard times.
WHERE WE LIVE | Residents hope to keep its rural feel as new housing replaces Fannie Mae’s former headquarters.
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