How often do you use your smartphone or cellphone to do something besides talk? And just what are all of the things you’re doing with it? Many people like me are turning to that incredible device more often to do everything from work to navigating their way around a traffic jam. All of this new-found efficiency and productivity, via wireless, is dramatically changing how we live, and how businesses of all kinds are operating. That’s great news, but the downside is all of this usage is hurtling us toward a major back-up that no device can help us elude. I’m talking about the increasingly cluttered radio frequencies on which wireless signals are carried, and without more of them dedicated to commercial use, all signs point toward a bonafide spectrum crisis.

Table for.… How Many?; U.S. Spectrum Crisis!


The looming spectrum crisis is a serious challenge, but take a look at a sensible solution in this humorous video produced by MyWireless.org.

Superior networks, cutting-edge devices, and application innovation are just some of the fuel inspiring consumer demand. As the industry continues to upgrade its services and offerings, projections such as the Cisco Visual Networking Index indicate that demand is going to exponentially increase. That’s being driven by the impressive uptick in personal use, and the fact that nearly every sector of the American enterprise is incorporating wireless into its processes today or contemplating how to do so tomorrow. We’re featuring some examples in our ‘Wireless is Limitless’ campaign, and I encourage you to take a look at the case study videos in areas such as agriculture, healthcommerce and rural economic development.

There’s no question we’re heading toward a classic supply and demand problem. Demand is high and increasing, and in order to keep the ball rolling, and to allow American consumers and businesses to reap the full reward of wireless innovation, it is clearly essential that we allot more supply, spectrum, to be brought into the marketplace and that we wisely plan now to help America prosper and remain the world leader in the future.

Spectrum Crisis 101


Learn more about the looming U.S. spectrum crisis and what can be done to prevent it. 

Wireless is Limitless

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