Wireless Carriers Invest Record Capex

CTIA_TWA_K_BIG$30 Billion in 2012

A salesperson out on a call realizes they’ve left critical documents at their desk.  A doctor out of the office has a patient undergoing an emergency MRI. Or maybe you’re at a birthday party and someone just took a video you want to share. No worries. Today’s wireless technology provides solutions and opportunities we’ve never had before, with data-intensive files magically transmitted through mobile networks to destinations around the block, the country, or the world.

None of that just happens. It’s an extraordinary engineering feat, made possible by hundreds of billions of dollars invested by carriers in their wireless networks.

See how U.S. Leads World in Wireless CAPEX

In just the last ten years alone, carriers have dedicated more than 250 billion dollars in capital expenditures, and 2012 saw a single year record collective investment of $30 billion in CAPEX.

So what does that mean for you?

It means American wireless consumers are able to put mobile technology to its greatest and most impressive use. The substantial investment by U.S. carriers is even more impressive when compared to their global counterparts. We have about 326 million active subscriber connections in the U.S., and there are approximately another six billion in the rest of the world. That means about five per cent of the world’s wireless subscriber connections are American.

However, last year’s $30 billion investment by U.S. wireless carriers comprised about 25 per cent of the world’s wireless CAPEX. Breaking that down to the consumer level, U.S. carriers invested about $94 per subscriber, compared to the rest of the world’s carriers putting about $16 per subscriber into their networks.

US wireless companies are committed to delivering quality cutting edge service. They need quality spectrum to go along with their advanced networks, so that American mobile consumers can continue enjoying the vast benefits of being the world leader in wireless.

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