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Mercedes-Benz has turned the futuristic into the realistic with the all-new 2014 E-Class. Its breakthrough technologies tend to your needs with an ease you might never have believed possible. It's all part of Intelligent Drive, a philosophy that keeps Mercedes-Benz, and you, at the leading edge of driving safety.

2014 E-Class Reference Shot

Its Stereoscopic Vision has dual cameras with 6-D vision that allow the E-Class to “see” in multiple dimensions, so it can identify and warn the driver of potential dangers faster than any other car on the road*.

The new E-Class is also available with DISTRONIC PLUS®, the enhanced version of the radar-guided cruise control system that helps the car maintain a safe distance from all surrounding vehicles, and helps keep the driver centered in their lane. Lane Keeping Assist also helps warn the driver if the E-Class is drifting out of its lane and, with active technology, helps to guide it back. With all this assistance, the 2014 E-Class leaves you with more time to sit back and enjoy the exceptional ride.

Learn more about the new 2014 E-Class at MBUSA.com/E-Class.

*Camera must not be used as a sole substitute for driver attentiveness.