A relatively new positive psychology theory suggests people experience an unmitigated sense of focus and complete absorption when performing an activity they’re fond of. It is a theory oft referred to as creative flow.

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Lincoln Senior Sculptor Shawn Fairall knows all too well of this theory. As he translates designers’ 2D sketches into his full-size 3D clay sculpture, Fairall understands the confluence of these two distinct, yet similar skills must be met with unwavering positive collaboration.

“I really enjoy the collaborative work that goes on,” says Fairall. “Sometimes envisioned won’t necessarily work in 3D, so it’s our job to work with them and get the bugs worked out.”

His education and training at the Art Institute of Colorado played a huge role in where Fairall is today. His degree in industrial design helps him understand both sides of the design fence, which makes him that much better suited to bring the Lincoln design DNA to life — into something you can walk around and touch and feel.

As a sculptor, I strive to find the most elegant solution to solve complex surface problems.

While Fairall’s three-dimensional surfacing influenced the final shape of the 2013 MKZ, when asked of his personal influences, he described a fascination with the masterful architectural work of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s of little surprise to learn that it was Wright’s philosophy to create structures in a balanced harmony with their natural surroundings — much like Fairall’s own harmonious approach to creativity and design.

So the next time you come across a 2013 Lincoln MKZ on the street, or at your local Lincoln Dealership, don’t simply admire it from afar; instead, take a minute to run your hands across its sculpted surface and feel the depth of its design. With that first touch, you’ll immediately begin to feel for yourself the sophistication of Shawn Fairall’s incredible craft.

You may even sense a state of creative flow.

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