Pursuing a lifelong dream and seeing it through fruition is anything but a simple task.

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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State to be exact, a young Anthony Sims began his ambitious journey toward automotive design observing, exploring and playing with the objects around him. He gained a certain appreciation for his surroundings, the nature and the wildlife near his home, which ultimately served to ground his growing affinity for clean, honest design. Living a stone’s throw from a multinational aerospace giant didn’t hurt much, either.

This early exposure to such grandiose examples of function and form sparked Sims’ decision to venture nearly 1,200 miles and two states down the coast to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he would graduate with a bachelor of science degree from the school’s world-renowned Transportation Design program.

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Fast-forward to the present day and, Sims, now a Lincoln Interior Designer and one of the very select few assigned to re-imagine the 2013 MKZ, has taken a seat before the touch-screen tablet he knows now as his home away from home. Sims recently discovered an acute fondness for modern living spaces and contemporary furniture design — most notably Charles and Ray Eames’ iconic mid-century work — and has begun to apply a similar philosophy to his Lincoln interior design sketches.

When sketching, I thought of luxury hotels and that experience, that feeling that you’re special.

But industrial design hasn’t been his only inspiration. “When I’m sketching my interiors, I was thinking of luxury hotels,” says Sims. “Visit a luxury hotel and you immediately get that experience, that feeling that you’re special.” Step inside the all-new 2013 MKZ and you’ll immediately sense what Sims is talking about. There’s something special you’ll notice when you drive the new car. It’s a feeling he baked thoroughly into his final design.

Looking at Anthony Sims’ most recent accomplishments, you can glean just how influential this young interior designer has become in helping to re-imagine Lincoln.

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