The All-New Range Rover Sport “To The Top” TV Commercial

TIF-30cm-CMYK-LR-Logo-OvalWatch the TV commercial for the All-New Range Rover Sport. “To The Top” shows how the All-New Range Rover Sport made a record-setting run up Pikes Peak in Colorado and then took a different route on the way down the mountain.

On Thursday June 6, 2013, the All-New Range Rover Sport conquered Pikes Peak. The 14,110 ft climb with 156 corners was completed in just 12 minutes and 35.61 seconds. An ascent that set the fastest ever time for not just a production SUV, but for any production vehicle, on this iconic and perilous hill climb.

In the Driven Challenges, the All-New Range Rover Sport is pushed to the limits in a series of the most punishing drives found on earth.

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