How Kansas City Southern is meeting the freight demands of tomorrow


Companies around the world are looking to North America to develop new markets and improve the bottom line. With the increasing popularity of cross-border freight transportation as brought on by NAFTA, Kansas City Southern’s (KCS) railroads in the U.S. and Mexico are working to ensure that customers who choose these markets are rewarded with world class service.

Border-crossing ease. At the U.S.-Mexico border crossing at Laredo/Nuevo Laredo, KCS is working with customs to refine processes to even further improve transit time and equipment utilization.

New service offerings with gateway partners. KCS is just one rail interchange away from any major market in North America. Partnering with connecting rail carriers at interchange gateways extends KCS’ network reach allowing us to provide customer solutions beyond markets we serve directly. In addition, these interline services allow our rail partners to participate in the growing NAFTA trade flows.

Infrastructure investment. KCS’ investment in intermodal facilities is changing the landscape of the North American intermodal network, bringing service to areas where it didn’t exist before. In 2014, KCS will expand intermodal facilities at Puerta Mexico (Toluca/Mexico City), Salinas Victoria (Monterrey), Interpuerto (San Luis Potosi) and Kendleton, Texas (Houston), and begin construction on a new intermodal facility in Wylie, Texas, centralizing KCS’ Dallas-area facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities add capacity for anticipated intermodal growth.

Rail transportation is a green option. Moving freight from truck to rail takes trucks off our overcrowded highways and helps shippers reduce their carbon footprint.

Economic development and job growth. Railroads put returning service men and women to work and provide stable jobs with good benefits for hard-working Americans. KCS is proud to be part of this long-standing industry tradition.