5 surprising ways railroads improve life in America

Listicle_Header Although you probably don’t think much about how things we use every day get to where they need to be, America’s railroads have. It’s their job to keep up with the rising global demand for goods, delivering them safely, on time and affordably. But the industry also delivers some hidden gems that come with the convenience of a rail industry that keeps our economy moving.

No need to fix a freight rail system that is thriving

AAR_BrandConnect_Article_1_HERO_Final Today, America’s freight rail system is the envy of the world. Thirty-five years ago, it was in shambles, and many of the nation’s railroads were near bankruptcy. In one telling measure of the industry’s condition — and a metaphor for freight rail at the time — stationary freight cars routinely fell off the rails because of rotting crossties.

A more prosperous future for America’s heartland

Among the low-slung warehouses of Kokomo Indiana, a series of white and silver silos rise towards the sky. To visitors, Kokomo Grain could be just another landmark of the American Midwest. To Indiana farmers, this grain elevator is much more. By innovating and investing in the future, Kokomo Grain is helping farmers to compete – […]