Middle market companies focus on orienting towards the customer

Fotolia_56334798_Subscription_XXL To truly respond to a customer’s needs in a rapidly evolving business landscape, middle market companies must engage with their customers on an integrated digital and physical level. And the way to achieve that state of being is through the creation of a customer-activated enterprise, according to an IBM global C-Suite study titled The Customer […]

CIT | CIT | June 12

Risk Management: Front and Center for Middle Market Execs

Fotolia_63461356_Subscription_XXL After being scarred by the financial crisis, middle market company CFOs and finance departments are proactively taking the lead in enterprise risk management, the practice of identifying an organization’s unique risks. Known as ERM, this practice creates a heightened awareness of risk across organizations, with the potential to minimize and mitigate those risks. Noting that […]

CIT | CIT | June 2

Stage Set for Middle Market Organic Growth Push

Fotolia_58947468_Subscription_1MB With the U.S. economy finally on firmer footing after years of anemic post-recession growth, middle market executives are training their sights on organic growth. Studies from Deloitte and KPMG reveal that middle market executives plan to focus on organic growth through various sales and marketing initiatives. While executives still express concerns about the potential impact […]

CIT | CIT | May 20

Industries on the Move: Healthcare, Real Estate and Restaurants Gain

blueprints As the U.S. economy improves, key sectors are gaining strength with the help of a robust commercial financing market. CIT Group Inc., a leading provider of financing to middle market companies, sees positive momentum during 2014 for the restaurant, commercial real estate and healthcare markets. While each industry has individual characteristics and a different footprint, […]

CIT | CIT | May 6

Middle market hiring gains momentum: Next stop, economic growth

CIT-vid-image-1min58FINAL In the nearly five years since the Great Recession ended, U.S. employment has been gradually increasing. From a high of 10 percent in October 2009 to a post-recession low of 6.6 percent in January, more Americans are back at work. Yet long-term unemployment and underemployment remain a vexing issue, as 11 million workers fell into […]

CIT | CIT | April 16

Middle Market: The Not-So-Little Engine That Could

61056971_2100x1180 Mid-sized businesses account for one-third of employment in the U.S. and one-third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Yet investors, the media and Capitol Hill all too often focus on small startup companies and behemoth multinational companies. In between, according to the Association for Corporate Growth’s 2014 Middle-Market Policy Agenda, there are middle market […]

CIT | CIT | March 26