U.S. transport moving with mobile

ctia-booth-2009 Wireless Saving Fuel and Environment If you’ve received a package at your home or office recently, you probably didn’t give much thought to how it got there. You’re just glad that book or set of dishes you ordered online showed up when the company said it would, unlike the guessing game of old. Companies in […]

| CTIA | May 13, 2013

Growing ‘app’etite for mobile health

Feel like you have a cold, or the blues and want to learn more? Or maybe you just want to keep better track of your calories or find out whether you’re really working out hard enough to get back in shape. It turns out there’s an app for that. All of that, actually, and much […]

| CTIA | May 7, 2013

Wireless carriers invest record capex

$30 Billion in 2012 A salesperson out on a call realizes they’ve left critical documents at their desk.  A doctor out of the office has a patient undergoing an emergency MRI. Or maybe you’re at a birthday party and someone just took a video you want to share. No worries. Today’s wireless technology provides solutions […]

| CTIA | May 1, 2013

Farm management goes mobile

Old McDonald never had it so good. Wireless technology allows today’s farmers to till soil, and plant and harvest crops with incredible precision. Nutrient and water application is now a science based on constant streams of data mined from mobile sensors detecting field and environmental conditions. On-board wireless telematics diagnose and communicate problems-in-the making with […]

| CTIA | April 30, 2013

Does your petabyte?

Avoiding Wireless Network Traffic Clog The next time you’re driving to work in the morning, look at the road or highway you’re on and imagine there being the same number of lanes, but nine times more traffic on it. How much fun would that be? Watch how Petabytes ‘Chomp’ Wireless Capacity That’s the kind of […]

| CTIA | April 25, 2013

City – water goes wireless

Water is one of the most treasured natural resources on our planet, and effectively and safely providing it, and, after it’s been used, taking it away and treating it, is becoming an increasingly more efficient process because of wireless technology. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, which offers wholesale water and sewer services to more than […]

| CTIA | April 22, 2013

Wireless powers smart grids

Sustainability Benefits, Lower Costs  No one’s home and your air conditioner thinks it shouldn’t have to work so hard. Your oven’s pretty sure you’re not going to use it until dinner time so it wants to go to sleep. And when the power goes out in your neighborhood, the utility crew doesn’t have to play […]

| CTIA | April 15, 2013

U.S. leading smartphone revolution

“You say you want a revolution Well, you know  We all want to change the world.” ‘Revolution’, The Beatles Most of us want to make a difference in life, and the fact is we probably are having positive impacts on those with whom we live and work. But when it comes to the kind of […]

| CTIA | April 11, 2013

Trash removal goes wireless

Would you be worried if your trash could talk? It does in Philadelphia but it’s not sharing any deep, dark sordid secrets. Instead, it’s telling the city how to better manage its waste collection system and keep downtown cleaner and greener. City workers are listening to what the trash is telling them through the use […]

| CTIA | April 8, 2013

Spectrum fuels wireless cycle

Spectrum is the engine that drives the wheels of wireless – and the virtuous cycle on which we’re all riding. That cycle is delivering unparalleled opportunities to communicate when, where, and with whomever we want, as the U.S. wireless industry continually develops products, services, and capabilities that make us better at doing our jobs and […]

| CTIA | April 4, 2013