Fish where the fish are with wireless!

True fishermen enjoy the sport of their pursuit. They combine savvy, experience, and perhaps a bit of educated guessing to know the spots that provide the best chance for them to reel in a prized catch. But for those depending on what they bring in to pay their bills, such as the watermen working the […]

| CTIA | April 1, 2013

An extremely taxing proposition

Average Wireless Taxes More than 17%/Month  April 15 is just a couple weeks away, so taxes are on the minds of many Americans these days. One can debate the merits of tax reform or various tax levels, but there should be wide agreement that something should be done to address the exorbitant tax rates many […]

| CTIA | March 27, 2013

Wireless changing U.S. healthcare

Remote Monitoring Key to Better Health, Lower Costs America is sick. At least a lot of it is. An alarming 45% of Americans suffer from some form of chronic illness, and about one-quarter of us are plagued by more than one condition. It seems the widely accepted solution is to throw money at the problem. […]

| CTIA | March 25, 2013

Wireless spectrum crisis

How often do you use your smartphone or cellphone to do something besides talk? And just what are all of the things you’re doing with it? Many people like me are turning to that incredible device more often to do everything from work to navigating their way around a traffic jam. All of this new-found […]

| CTIA | March 20, 2013

Wireless solves parking nightmare

There could be considerable debate about the most valuable real estate in the average American urban area. But for my money, and perhaps much more importantly, our time and the environment, the most precious parcel of inner-city land is any 10 x 20 piece of open pavement in which you can legally and safely park […]

| CTIA | March 18, 2013

U.S. farmers “grow” wireless

American farmers face a challenge today that’s perplexed their predecessors for centuries: how can they find out if something’s wrong with their crops before it’s too late to do anything about it? Pests and disease can linger below the surface and eat away at plants’ roots, and the damage can ultimately lead to devastating crop […]

| CTIA | March 11, 2013


PSA: Take a look at the emotional stages one can go through when their cellphone turns up missing.

| CTIA | March 7, 2013

Mobile revving up rural economies

Small towns across America are facing serious challenges to their long-term future, but a pilot project in West Virginia is giving them hope that help is just a tap or a swipe of a smartphone away. Mobile Main Street, an open source application developed by West Virginia University, is providing merchants in Davis, WV, the […]

| CTIA | March 1, 2013