Guide to Graduate Education Fall 2014

Fotolia_63723313_Subscription_XXL Welcome to the Fall 2014 edition of The Washington Post’s Guide to Business and Graduate Education. In this edition we will introduce you to a new masters degree in legal studies. We also delve further into what makes online graduate programs so appealing to students of the online generation as well as to older students. […]

How Working Professionals Are Advancing Their Education

Fotolia_58827008_Subscription_XXL Somewhere along the line, success interrupted Toby Haggerty’s plans. As he finished his bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Vermont, Haggerty envisioned working for a few years then going to graduate school full-time. But he hit a groove in commercial banking, rising to a vice president at EagleBank. “I think full-time is good […]

Job Opportunities Abound for Cybersecurity Grads

cables (1) The cybersecurity horror stories are as fresh as today’s deadlines, and the need for professionals who can staunch electronic bleeding easily exceeds the number of trained applicants. The pay is great—$86,170 a year with only a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job outlook through 2022 calls for 37 percent […]

Graduate School Financing Takes Planning, Resourcefulness

Fotolia_64489431_Subscription_XL The numbers from the Council of Graduate Schools are grimly familiar. The average tuition and fees for post-graduate degrees soared 16 percent from 2003-04 to 2011-12, leading to 64 percent of students borrowing and leaving school with average of $36,000 in debt. That doesn’t mean that a graduate degree is out of reach. It just […]

Online Graduate Programs on the Rise

Fotolia_56374443_Subscription_XXL For a growing number of students, an online program is about more than going to class in their pajamas. It’s also a way to work a master’s degree into an already hectic life. When Nakia Eldridge wanted management skills to bolster her doctorate in pharmacy, an online program was the obvious choice. It gave her […]

New Degree Offers Options for Legal Professionals

Fotolia_58470324_Subscription_XL Somewhere between a law degree and struggling to decipher legal language with just a bachelor’s, there now lies another possibility: The master of legal studies. Not nearly a juris doctor but considerably beyond the coursework in undergraduate business law and government classes, this and similar degrees are an option for a range of professionals, from […]

Not Ready for a Traditional MBA? Here Are Some Alternatives

Fotolia_46045607_Subscription_XL In terms of return on investment, the value of an MBA cannot be denied. According to the 2013/14 QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report you can expect to earn an average MBA salary of $109,200 if you work in North America, and US$105,900 in Western Europe. And with the gap between average MBA salary levels between North […]

How MBA Leadership Training Can Bring Out the Best in You

Fotolia_63971511_Subscription_XXL Considered one of the more important aspects of an MBA program, the subject of leadership training is a world unto itself. Martha Maznevski, MBA program director at IMD Business School helps us understand the nuances of this very popular subject. What does leadership encompass? There are basically two aspects of influence in leadership – one […]

Guide to Graduate Education Spring 2014

college Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of the Guide to Graduate Education. In the following pages, we take a look at how women who have non-business degrees are attending the University of Virginia’s School of Business in search of a MBA in business with a focus on entrepreneurship and leadership skills. In addition to building […]

New Academic Program Pairs Scientific Know-How with Business Savvy

science It’s easy for scientists to delve into a problem, said Sabine O’Hara, dean of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Sciences of the University of the District of Columbia. Communicating it, though, is another matter. “Scientists do a great job of collecting data but less so explaining,” O’Hara said. There’s a new academic […]