Guide to Graduate Education Spring 2015

MBA students with laptop; diversity Welcome to the Spring 2015 edition of the Washington Post’s Guide to Business and Graduate Education. We explore the program options available for the new MBA student—full-time workers. As more 9-5ers have begun to pursue advanced degrees, schools have adjusted programs to fit their needs by offering flexible scheduling options. We dissect public management, typically […]

Longterm benefits of an MBA degree

MBA photo with man Where once MBA programs catered to recent college graduates seeking a higher degree on their way to a job on Wall Street or at a Big Four accounting firm, today MBA students are more likely to be 30-somethings with a few years of work behind them. “There are full-time students around the country, but those […]

A closer look at public management

Public Policy A master’s degree in public policy is geared toward analysts who want to delve fully into the details of economics, public finance and research. A master’s in public administration is for those who are focused on the management of staff in government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations. Students usually choose one or the other. But […]

Cyber security opportunities

Internet Security concept With digital security breaches routinely making headlines and major companies —Home Depot, Target, Sony Pictures and Blue Cross Blue Shield parent Anthem — still reeling from hackings, the need for cybersecurity experts is only growing. A number of schools in the national capital region are responding to that need through graduate courses, certificates and degrees […]

Why Master of Laws?

Law_2100x1180 While he was in law school, Charles Wakefield decided he wanted to practice tax law, but because his was a regional school, his job options would have been limited to a position with an accounting firm or as an associate at one of the few local law firms — none of which had any openings. […]

The online learning experience

Online_2100x1180 Not so long ago, massive open online courses, or MOOCs, were touted as the future of American higher education: We’d sit down with our laptops, a mug of coffee in hand, and together with 10,000 or so classmates, learn our way to a higher degree through free courses taught by professors at universities on the […]

STEM opportunities for women

STEM_02_2100x1180 When George Washington University Professor of Computer Science Rachelle Heller talks about women in academic STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), she makes a careful distinction: Although they face many issues, they’re not barriers, but challenges. “‘Barriers’ means you’re keeping me out. ‘Challenges’ means I can overcome them,” says Heller. Yet the challenges are significant. […]

Guide to Graduate Education Fall 2014

Fotolia_63723313_Subscription_XXL Welcome to the Fall 2014 edition of The Washington Post’s Guide to Business and Graduate Education. In this edition we will introduce you to a new masters degree in legal studies. We also delve further into what makes online graduate programs so appealing to students of the online generation as well as to older students. […]

How Working Professionals Are Advancing Their Education

Fotolia_58827008_Subscription_XXL Somewhere along the line, success interrupted Toby Haggerty’s plans. As he finished his bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Vermont, Haggerty envisioned working for a few years then going to graduate school full-time. But he hit a groove in commercial banking, rising to a vice president at EagleBank. “I think full-time is good […]

Job Opportunities Abound for Cybersecurity Grads

cables (1) The cybersecurity horror stories are as fresh as today’s deadlines, and the need for professionals who can staunch electronic bleeding easily exceeds the number of trained applicants. The pay is great—$86,170 a year with only a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job outlook through 2022 calls for 37 percent […]