Guide to Graduate Education Fall 2015

stock-photo-42838270-people-in-harvard-yard While making the decision to go back to school is no small feat, there are many possible reasons to pursue a graduate degree—whether for personal fulfillment, career advancement or a job change. And in 2014, the unemployment rate was generally lower for Americans with higher levels of education. By 2024, graduate school enrollment is estimated […]

The most marketable graduate education, according to HR recruiters

Recruiter Recruiters from five top companies explain what they expect from candidates in terms of education and experience. Find out what matters—and what doesn’t—when they evaluate people to join their teams. Brand matters, somewhat It might surprise you that although having a degree from an elite, brand-name school implies a certain level of status and qualification, […]

What you should know about the best part-time MBA programs

MBA For working professionals, getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) has never been easier. Up until recently, if you wanted to get an MBA, you’d have to go to school full-time. This meant quitting your job. Today, due to technological advancements, as well as pressure from students and businesses, many school offer more options—like part-time, […]

Financing your graduate education

Piggy Bank As you consider how best to finance your graduate education, you will find many types of loans are available. We cut through the noise and provide you with the most common, and reliable, private and federal loan sources. All federal loans require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). They do not need […]

Best employer graduate tuition reimbursement programs

Grad School With college tuition costs rising yearly, more employers today are offering education assistance to their employees. Some completely cover the cost of college education, such as Exxon Mobil, Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler. Graduate education is included in many corporate and government benefit plans, which defray tuition costs to encourage pursuit of a master’s degree, MBA […]

The best graduate test prep programs and what they cost

Study Guy Preparing for graduate entrance exams is time-consuming, particularly for full-time students or busy professionals. Aspiring graduate students have many options for self-study, in addition to group classes—in person and online—and self-guided software. Here are the most popular graduate testing companies, and a sampling of their GRE and GMAT pricing. Average prices vary by region and […]

Guide to Graduate Education Spring 2015

MBA students with laptop; diversity Welcome to the Spring 2015 edition of the Washington Post’s Guide to Business and Graduate Education. We explore the program options available for the new MBA student—full-time workers. As more 9-5ers have begun to pursue advanced degrees, schools have adjusted programs to fit their needs by offering flexible scheduling options. We dissect public management, typically […]

Longterm benefits of an MBA degree

MBA photo with man Where once MBA programs catered to recent college graduates seeking a higher degree on their way to a job on Wall Street or at a Big Four accounting firm, today MBA students are more likely to be 30-somethings with a few years of work behind them. “There are full-time students around the country, but those […]

A closer look at public management

Public Policy A master’s degree in public policy is geared toward analysts who want to delve fully into the details of economics, public finance and research. A master’s in public administration is for those who are focused on the management of staff in government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations. Students usually choose one or the other. But […]

Cyber security opportunities

Internet Security concept With digital security breaches routinely making headlines and major companies —Home Depot, Target, Sony Pictures and Blue Cross Blue Shield parent Anthem — still reeling from hackings, the need for cybersecurity experts is only growing. A number of schools in the national capital region are responding to that need through graduate courses, certificates and degrees […]