Live data and the second screen

IBM’s Game Changers Web series hosts a panel discussion, exploring the role of data and analytics in sports.  How does live data and the multi-screen world we live in today affect fan expectations and the experiences they seek out? Learn more at Join the conversation at #GameChangersIBM.

| IBM | August 27, 2013

New for tennis fans at the US Open

What’s new at the U.S. Open this year? It’s a question I get asked every year because tennis fans are among the most technologically savvy in the world. And they want to immerse themselves in the US Open wherever they are at the moment. So whether they’re sitting courtside, in the office or on their […]

| IBM | August 26, 2013

Cloud drives innovation in robotics

What limits innovation? A lack of ideas has never been the limiting factor. We are a people full of ideas. How to make the world work better, smarter. How to help people, improve quality of life and keep people safe. No, it’s not a lack of brilliant ideas or even the technical knowhow – it’s […]

| IBM | August 7, 2013

The transmutation of bits and bytes

In medieval times, Alchemists hoped to convert base metals into the noble metal gold through the use of a Philosopher’s Stone. Today, in the field of information science, we talk about Information Alchemy, converting data into information and then into knowledge. Some people even add a 4th stage of converting knowledge into wisdom[i], but that […]

| IBM | July 3, 2013

Fighting improper payments

Last week I visited Capitol Hill to discuss with lawmakers how better data can help improve both operational and program efficiency. Over the next few blogs, I will discuss a few of these highlights. One of the most interesting conversations I had that day involved a topic on which, believe it or not, members from […]

| IBM | July 3, 2013

The new federal performance system

Looking for an overview guide to understanding how the federal government goes about managing the performance of its many goals, missions, and programs? Here it is! The President’s fiscal year 2014 budget was released last week and emphasizes the creation of “a culture of performance improvement.” This is also the theme of a new IBM […]

| IBM | July 3, 2013

Time is money

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “time is money.” But does government know how to implement this maxim seriously? Now there is a new study that shows how they can do it! Last week, President Obama signed a memo directing agencies to modernize their construction permitting and review processes in order to: “advance the goal of […]

| IBM | July 3, 2013