A day in the life of a dairy farmer Pt. 2

VanWarmerdam_cowscorral When it comes to the milk America drinks, cows shouldn’t get all the credit. Dairy farmers like Dave and Laurie Kyle of Elkhorn, Wis., put in just as much hard work as their bovine counterparts. Morning for these dairy producers starts early. By 4:30, the Kyles and their farmhands are up for the first of […]

Honoring the harvest

iStock_13809737 L Honoring the harvest is about using food for its highest purpose and moving nutrients through the food system — from people, to animals, and back to the land to grow more food — instead of going to waste in a landfill.    

Dairy for those in need

GettyImages_79671045 alt Watch how The Northern Illinois Food Bank and Feeding America have been increasing access to dairy for their neediest clients through their agencies such as the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry.  

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: How Milk can Help

BLD066096 Millions of children in America endure a cycle of poverty and food insecurity, often with seemingly few resources to ever break free. But a number of outstanding educational and community efforts are leading the way to a better future for our kids. In terms of solutions, making sure these children consume the recommended servings of […]

Milk is just the beginning

iStock_1614594 L Milk makes a perfect protein and calcium-packed pairing for cereal and cookies. But that’s not all it’s good for. From yogurt to cottage cheese to cheddar (and everything in between), U.S. food producers and artisans of all sizes and philosophies transform milk into an extensive list of irresistible edibles. Take Gina and Chris Buskirk of […]

How Milk and Its Products Get to You

iStock_4869683 M Have you ever wondered how a field of grass or bale of hay is transformed into one of nature’s most perfect foods? If you asked one of America’s hardworking dairy farmers, he’d take you on this journey of how milk is made on his farm, then pasteurized and bottled for supermarket dairy cases all across […]