Turning a positive into a positive

_MG_9498[4][1] In 1987, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” soared up the charts while the U.S. stock market headed down in the biggest crash in decades. Gas was 89 cents a gallon. And HIV/AIDS continued to wreak deadly havoc around the world. It was also the year 3-year-old Hydeia Broadbent was diagnosed as HIV-positive. “I was part of the […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | November 26, 2014

Taking a personalized approach to a deadly disease

410221_PHRMA OCT2014 96808-3330-021f_edited-S3[2] Matt Ellefson’s cancer journey began in the fall of 2009 with a cough that he chalked up to seasonal allergies. But the cough lingered, and one morning he woke up coughing up blood. “A few hours later I found myself in a hospital bed with a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer,” he says. His doctor […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | November 10, 2014

Honoring national warriors winning the battle against AIDS

R&H Awards In the 1980s a person diagnosed with AIDS had a life expectancy measured in months, not years. But today, three decades after scientists first identified HIV/AIDS, the disease is no longer the killer it once was. People diagnosed with HIV in their 20’s can expect to live to an average age of 70, about the […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | September 11, 2014

Guess which killer disease now has a cure

Fotolia_48488082_Subscription_XL Until recently, if you were infected with hepatitis C, you had to endure a year of grueling treatments that often made you feel sicker than the disease itself and usually ended in disappointment for half of the people who suffered through them, desperate for a cure. Once treatment failed, treatment ceased and the disease took […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | July 18, 2014

Failing Toward Cures

Fotolia_43553815_Subscription_XXL With so many new drugs arriving on the market each year, it may seem like the process of developing these medicines is quick and easy. But the truth is for every new medicine that makes it onto a pharmacy’s shelves, there are thousands of others that don’t. Only .01 percent of drugs that scientists start […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | July 7, 2014

“Aging Well” is the New Black

Fotolia_43946230_Subscription_XL Chronic illnesses don’t kill Americans the way they did in the past. Thanks to new drugs and treatments, the average American can expect to live more than a decade longer than they would have in 1950. This is despite the fact that nearly 92 percent of older Americans have a chronic illness like diabetes or […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | July 3, 2014

There may be $317 billion in savings inside Americans’ brains

Fotolia_56467291_Subscription_XXL_V2 The human brain is a tangle of billions of neurons, trillions of synaptic connections and a precise balance of vital chemicals. When something inside the brain goes awry, doctors are often powerless to fix it because of its complexity. Mental illness is a vexing and treacherous opponent, but biopharmaceutical research companies, academics, government researchers and […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | June 13, 2014

Meet the 1964 group more important than the Beatles

Fotolia_64135717_Subscription_XXL When the British invasion landed on America’s eastern shore in 1964, another landmark event was taking place in the background: the first meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). And while the two groups would seem to have little in common, they do share one accomplishment: that the work of both groups, and […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | June 5, 2014

How one woman changed the fight against kids’ cancer

Fotolia_30955863_Subscription_XXL Sixty years ago, parents of children with leukemia were told their children had fewer than five months to live. But a young American female scientist and other determined researchers decided to change that. The work paid off. In 1964, researchers including Nobel Prize winner Gertrude Elion received a patent for Purinethol, the first treatment for […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | June 5, 2014

One prescription for U.S. economic growth

Fotolia_58406458_Subscription_XXL_2000px After withering under six years of financial storm clouds, the U.S. economic forecast appears to be showing new life. But leaders in government and business have work to do if they want to create an environment that not only encourages continued growth, but accelerates it versus global competitors. One area ripe for harvest: U.S. biopharmaceuticals. […]

PhRMA | PhRMA | May 5, 2014