Digitalization transforms the future of industry

Siemens_RS_SmartData_150627_WEB_EN_1_2 (2) As industry becomes increasingly digitalized, a vast range of machines are generating and transmitting more and more data. The future of industrial innovation lies in connecting many different assets and devices—from gas turbines and trains to buildings—and harnessing the data gathered to improve performance, minimize downtime and lower cost. Some companies are ahead of the […]

The new green city

BS-Siemens-Photo_PROMO_500x300 Innovative Infrastructure and bold government initiatives are helping shape how our cities will work.

Greening the work week

BS-Siemens-Energy-Interactive_INFO_Promo_Image Businesses are realizing that greener technologies can reduce emissions, save money and improve quality of life in cities.

Digitizing manufacturing’s future

Siemens_Article_1_Image The United States is in the midst of another industrial renaissance. Technology and advances in software and hardware are driving a comeback for manufacturing, with increased productivity and promise for renewing aging infrastructure. Smart data and a push for high-tech are transforming the industrial landscape, with widespread dedication to productivity, efficiency, speed and quality.

Siemens | Siemens | April 21, 2016

‘Made in the USA’ gets a high-tech makeover

Image 1_2V1Y1812 The growing American manufacturing sector is in the midst of a technology-driven makeover. Over the next decade, 15 of the 20 fastest-growing jobs in America are going to be in science, technology, or engineering. Within five years, there will be another 2.4 million STEM job openings in the U.S., according to an article in The Washington Post.

Siemens | Siemens | June 12, 2014

Why the world might need more wind techs

Hatchet_Ridge_9-13-10-1524-hires.2 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind turbine technicians (“wind techs”) may be among the fastest-growing occupations, projected to grow 24% from 2012 to 2022. While this may sound like a surprising figure, consider that 15 million average American homes today are powered by wind energy.