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Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post

You might get a sense of deja vu walking into A&D Neighborhood Bar.

From the pressed-tin ceiling to the exposed brick and weathered wood, A&D is a comfortable if familiar-looking amalgamation of bar design trends. Behind the bar, you’ll find cocktails created with house-made bitters and syrups, craft beers on tap and a $10 shot-and-a-beer special that pairs old-school whiskey (Old Grand-Dad 100 Proof or Evan Williams) with a can of Natty Boh or Yuengling.

And then there’s the name. In recent years, more bars are claiming to be “neighborhood” places to signal a casual atmosphere with lower price points and to tempt nearby residents into becoming regulars.

But in an area of Shaw that has been considered up-and-coming for years and is still waiting for its promised rush of taverns and restaurants, A&D really is a neighborhood spot. And more important, it’s good. The recently updated fall cocktail menu includes the sweet-and-spicy Too Soon, made with the Old Grand-Dad and Byrrh Grand Quinquina. But I still love the house A&D cocktail, a dirty martini variation which gets its kick from the “dirty juice blend”

And when A&D’s barstools and high tables fill up, all is not lost. On my first visit, I noticed a wooden sign that says “Outhouse” over a door in the back of the room, and I assumed it led to the bathrooms. Instead, it’s the entry to a larger dining room with more tables for groups of friends and neighbors.

Fritz Hahn