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Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post

Dacha is about as basic as it gets: picnic tables, lots of standing room and a dozen beers on draft, primarily German and Belgian but with a few Americans tossed in.

Beers flow from taps on the side of a truck, but the selection is very good, including five different brews from Bavaria’s Weihenstephan, including Oktoberfest and the very refreshing pilsner. Beers come in the classic half-liter glasses or, if you’re really thirsty, a one-liter boot: Just remember to watch out for the air bubbles that come out of the toe when you drink down to the bottom. Half-liters are $7, boots are $14.

Another cool touch: Fruh, a crisp kolsch from Cologne, can be ordered by the tray. For $30, you get 11 traditional 0.2 liter (6.7 ounce) glasses on a special metal tray that are perfect for sharing with a group.

Because it’s an outdoor bar in a neighborhood, last call will be at 10:30 during the week and 11:30 on the weekends. Doors open at 4 p.m. during the week and at noon on Saturday and Sunday. Also, because it’s outdoors, there’s no indoor plumbing: Four portable toilets are the only restroom facilities. That’s a small price to pay for a refreshing German beer in the open air.

— Fritz Hahn (Sept. 5, 2013)