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Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post

While its appearance mirrors that of sibling Mockingbird Hill, everything is bigger at Eat the Rich, from the 32-ounce, made-to-share pitchers of cocktails such as the Hollowed Apple (with Fidencio mezcal, agave-laced apple shrub and Hellfire bitters) and the Beer ‘n Clam (house-made Clamato and beer; more on that later), to the entrees you’ll find on the menu, including Chesapeake eel pie and pocketbook sea bream for two.

Brown describes the restaurant, a partnership with Rappanhannock Oyster Bar’s Travis Croxton, as what you might get “if the Passenger and Rapp Oyster Bar had a baby” — that is, there will be cocktails and rock-and-roll, but instead of pork-cheek nachos, you’ll find yourself supping on oysters dredged from nearby waters and sipping drinks selected to complement the food.

“In essence, drinks and cocktails are an extension of the kitchen,” says Brown. “They’re a culinary tradition. They go hand-in-hand. Being able to pair an oyster to a spirit is a really cool and interesting way to present that.”

— Lavanya Ramanathan