Speaktoit Assistant app review

Speaktoit Assistant

Sam is not quite
the new Siri

(market.android.com) - Speaktoit Assitant app for Android phone

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A credible Siri competitor on Android, Speaktoit’s Assistant app has come to the iPhone to take on Apple’s software head-on. Yet while the app works very well on Android devices, the early builds for iPhone seem to be plagued with bugs. The app, which has a customizable avatar named Sam, is supposed to be able to take notes for you, connect with services such as Twitter, Facebook and Evernote and take dictation for messages. You can also type your answers to this app, if you’re somewhere where speaking would be frowned upon. But the early build reviewed here for the iPhone kept crashing and didn’t understand many of the orders — a disappointment. The app is free on Android, where it works very well, but iPhone users should give it a pass. $1.99 for iPhone, free for Android.

— Hayley Tsukayama

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