Artist makes Capitals artwork out of Washington state license plates

About a decade ago, I used to interview random H-list celebrities about their athletic interests for a package of pop-culture-y stuff that ran on Page 2 of the Sports section every Monday. It was a huge nightmare to come up with the names — especially for someone completely detached from pop culture — and so I would call random publicists in L.A. to try to get suggestions. Also, random politicians. The complete list of people I wound up interviewing would make you laugh so hard.

Anyhow, when I called these non-local PR people, I would of course identify myself as a reporter from The Washington Post. And maybe one in 20 times, they would ask me if that were in Washington state. And then I would go look at job ads.

(As long as I’m making this all about me, I went back to find one of those Q&As, as evidence. Look, I talked to the guy with floppy hair from the O.C.! I had no idea I did that.)

But the point is, some people in the world think that if your organization starts with the word “Washington,” that refers to Washington state. Like, presumably, this artist, who posted on Etsy a project featuring the Washington Capitals logo made out of license plates from Washington state.

Or maybe it was supposed to be ironic.

It’s called a “Washington Capitals Handmade Rustic Industrial License Plate Art,” and it would cost you $235.33.

“This large Washington Capitals art (22 by 22 inches) will be made by myself using real, white license plates from Washington,” the description explains. “This will make the perfect gift for that diehard Capitals fan!”

Especially for the diehard Caps fan who lives in Seattle.

(Via @ECB08)

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