Chris Cooley explains why Mark Brunell wore ‘Redskin’ jerseys

Buried within Chris Cooley’s 25-minute interview with Dan Snyder on ESPN 980 this week was this nugget, from Cooley himself:

I’m so proud to be a Redskin. I remember Joe Gibbs explaining to me what a Redskin was. It was pride. It was integrity. It was a never-say-die spirit. We got to the point where my babysitter and I, Mark Brunell, would un-stitch the S on our jerseys so we could be a Redskin.

Wait, really? Well, yes. The above photo is from the famous “Monday Night Football” win over the Cowboys early in the 2005 season. Obviously, that says “Redskin” where it should say “Redskins.”

Here are two more of Brunell, from a preseason game with the Ravens that year, and the season opener against Chicago.

Uni Watch actually wrote about this issue in depth around then, without ever getting an explanation. Excerpt:

As readers Sam Bell and Todd Carroll alertly point out, Brunell had “Redskin” — instead of the plural “Redskins” — printed on his jersey and on his rear helmet liner during the team’s Week 1 game against the Bears.

While I have no recollection of this at all, Gary Fitzgerald — who worked for the team back then — sure does.

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