Football: Bowie bounces back from rough start with victory over Wise

September 30, 2013

Things hadn’t exactly gone as Bowie Coach Jae Jackson planned them through the first three games of the Bulldogs’ season. First, there was the late-game loss to Westlake in which tensions boiled over and caused a fight. That fight and the suspensions that followed forced his team to forfeit a potential mettle-proving game against C.H. Flowers (now 4-0), and though the Bulldogs carried a seven-point lead into the fourth quarter against No. 8 Suitland (4-0), that game fell away from them, too.

But coaches around Prince George’s County spoke highly of the Bulldogs’ talent — “the best 0-3 team I’ve ever seen,” as Eleanor Roosevelt Coach Tom Green called them — and that talent finally won out in an impressive 34-7 win over then-No.12 Wise (2-2) Saturday.

“Others felt throughout the county we were a very good 0-3 team, but I told my kids, to be 0-3 and be seen as a good team does not accomplish anything. I’d rather be 3-0 and seen as a bad team,” Jackson said. “The win does ease the pain [of the bad start] . . . we knew how important this game was to still have a chance to make the playoffs, and we knew that we had a good team.”

Bad start and all, a spot in the playoffs — earned by the top four finishers in Prince George’s 4A — is still within Bowie’s grasp thanks to a front-loaded schedule that now pits the Bulldogs and their momentum against playoff hopefuls Roosevelt (2-2, 2-1 Prince George’s 4A) and DuVal (3-1, 2-1 Prince George’s 4A) over the next two weeks. . . .

Parkdale (1-3) , also got its first win of the season this weekend with a 38-14 win over Bladensburg (1-3) . The win was the Panthers’ first since Oct. 2011 win they downed Oxon Hill 34-22, a winless stretch of 15 games.. . .

Conference play in the MAC heats up over the next few weeks and the league, dominated by numbers-heavy Flint Hill last season, is shaping up for a more interesting finish this season.

Chelsea Janes covers the Nationals for The Washington Post.
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