D.C. area forecast: A sunny Sunday with several nice days ahead

High pressure takes control today, continuing our fall-ish temperatures but without the fall-ish showers. Maybe some showers late Monday night.

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    D.C. Area Weather Meters The D.C. Area Weather Meters provide a snapshot into a range of health and lifestyle weather-related impacts.
    • The Air Quality Index is provided daily by the U.S. EPA. There are six categories: good, moderate, unhealthy for sensitive groups (displayed as: Unhealthy SG), unhealthy, very unhealthy & hazardous.
    • The UV Index is provided daily by the U.S. EPA and National Weather Service. It indicates the strength of UV radiation as forecast around 1 p.m. There are five categories: low, moderate, high, very high & extreme.
    • The Golf Comfort Index is a real-time index of golf comfort from the Capital Weather Gang based on temperature, precipitation and wind. There are three categories: good, fair & bad.
    • The Hair Quality Index is a real-time index of hair quality from the Capital Weather Gang based on humidity, wind, and precipitation. There are three categories: good, fair & bad.
    • The Flu Pollen index indicates pollen levels: none, sporadic, local, regional & widespread.

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    Today in Weather History

    High humidity, 1922: Noon wet bulb temperature of 79.3F was the highest ever-recorded in Washington, DC until this date. Wet bulb temp is the lowest temp that can be obtained by evaporating water into the air at constant pressure.

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