William Michael Cunningham
Panelist, On Small Business

William Michael Cunningham is an expert in Socially Responsible Investing. He works with pension fund trustees, investment managers, investment analysts, community activists, government agencies and financial industry organizations to create and implement social and community investing initiatives. He was formerly in the pool of Corporate Governance Advisors to CalPERS. He is currently in the pool of Diversity Investing Advisors to CalPERS.

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When the Securities and Exchange Commission approves ineffective settlements, the courts should be empowered to step in.

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As chief economist for the U. S. Black Chamber of Commerce, my research indicates black-owned businesses were hit harder than most.

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COMMENTARY | The D.C. Social Media Week events I attended were, in racial terms, either largely black or mostly white.

Crowdfunding enters a critical phase

Crowdfunding enters a critical phase

Industry officials have built obstacles in the SEC’s path to creating crowdfunding rules.