Family members of Ebola patients wait outside a clinic. (Bindra/For The Post)

Ebola patients are vanishing within Liberia’s chaotic medical system

Desperate families must search for loved ones at clinics that have lost track of both the living and the dead.

    Brazil presidential candidates look back to the future

    Candidates in the Oct. 26 election are campaigning on their past records, rather than future proposals.

    U.S., Turkey give Kurds boost in Islamic State clash

    Turkey said it would allow Iraqi Kurds passage to Syria, and the U.S. dropped weapons and aid to Kobane, where Kurdish fighters have been battling the Islamic State.

    Hunt for foreign submarine sends
    a Cold War chill across the Baltic

    Sweden’s search has alarmed a region where Russia has been accused of border violations.

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    Gough Whitlam, transformative Australian leader, dies

    Gough Whitlam, transformative Australian leader, dies

    Mr. Whitlam, 98, ushered in some of the most sweeping policy and social reforms in the country’s history.

    Islamic State atrocity ignored, Syrian tribe says

    Islamic State atrocity ignored, Syrian tribe says

    The extremists’ massacre of 700 people after a failed revolt was met with almost complete international silence. Some in the Syrian opposition complain that the U.S. is continuing to ignore them.

    Islamic State advances on Mount Sinjar in new assault

    Islamic State advances on Mount Sinjar in new assault

    Trapped Yazidi fighters pleaded for airstrikes as militants began their push under the cover of bad weather.

    In Japan, two female cabinet ministers quit amid scandals

    The two were part of a new cohort of ministers appointed as Prime Minister Abe tries to promote “womenomics.”

    Nepal ends rescue efforts on popular trekking route

    Nepal ends rescue efforts on popular trekking route

    Nepal wrapped up rescue operations in its northern mountains Monday, saying all the hikers believed to have been stranded are now safe.

    Snack madness on Mexico’s streets

    Snack madness on Mexico’s streets

    “Crazy Doritos” — a combo of corn chips, pork rinds, veggies and sauce — emerge from the snack laboratory of street-food culture.

    Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters

    Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters

    As other Western countries bar or jail returning jihadists, the port city of Aarhus is taking a novel approach.

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    Himalayan death tolls

    Since 1950, around 25,000 summit climbs have been attempted on peaks in the Himalayas with more than 900 people dying in the attempt.

    2009: A Rwanda homecoming

    Former rebels and their families return after 15 years in Congo.

    Refuge: Stories from the Syrian exodus

    Refugees from Syria’s civil war are remaking the political, economic and religious landscape in the Mideast.

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    Hong Kong police and protesters clash

    Demonstrators retake part of a district in the city after a night of scuffles.

    Battle for Kobane continues

    The United States has stepped up airstrikes against Islamic State fighters massed around the embattled Syrian town.

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    Possible remains of missing U-Va. student found, a new president in Indonesia, a foam party in Scotland and more.

    Fighting continues in Ukraine

    The violence comes after talks between Kiev and Moscow end without a breakthrough.

    Volcano eruption in Indonesia

    After lying largely dormant for more than 400 years, Mount Sinabung has been intermittently exploding since last year.

    No resting place

    In Pakistani village, no resting place for Christians.

    Day in photos

    A high-wire act, protests in Hong Kong, art around the world and more.

    Death toll in Nepal avalanche, blizzard at 29

    Search teams rescued dozens of stranded foreign trekkers and recovered 10 more bodies.

    Best news photos of the week

    A 10-year-old meets Hillary Clinton, the fight against Ebola, Syrian border battles and more top images of the week.

    Protests resume in Hong Kong

    Pro-democracy supporters continued to occupy the streets after talks with the government broke down.

    Another side of the Ebola crisis

    In Liberia, where there are few ambulances, simply getting to a treatment center can be an ordeal.

    Day in photos

    A deadly avalanche in Nepal, an Ebola isolation chamber in Germany, a fashion show in Ukraine and more.

    U.S. military aids in fight against Ebola virus

    American servicemembers were deployed to Liberia as part of Operation United Assistance.

    In Ukraine, less a cease-fire than a de-escalation

    Violence has fallen since a tenuous truce that began Sept. 5, but the atmosphere remains tense.

    Airstrikes push some militants from Kobane

    U.S.-led coalition stepped up airstrikes on members of the Islamic State around the Syrian border town.

    Cyclone Hudhud lashes India’s east coast

    Powerful Cyclone Hudhud hit eastern India on Sunday, battering several coastal areas.