Fighting rages in South Sudan, days after massacre

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Clashes erupted in three key states; the White House condemns the attacks as ‘an abomination.’

Gunmen leave ‘piles’ of bodies in South Sudan attack

Gunmen leave ‘piles’ of bodies in South Sudan attack

Civilians were slaughtered in a mosque and hospital amid continuing ethnic strife, a U.N. official said.

Hundreds massacred in South Sudan

Hundreds massacred in South Sudan

United Nations officials say rebel troops have slaughtered hundreds of civilians in the oil city of Bentiu, South Sudan.

More than 230 Nigerian schoolgirls still missing

More than 230 Nigerian schoolgirls still missing

Islamist militants from Boko Haram abducted 234 girls from a school in Nigeria's Borno state a week ago.

Muslim families flee Central African Republic

Muslim families flee Central African Republic

About 100 Muslim women and children flee sectarian violence in the Central African Republic capital, Bangui. Almost 200,000 have fled the country since December.

Abuja: Scores killed in deadly blast

Abuja: Scores killed in deadly blast

WARNING: Video contains graphic images. Police say at least 71 are dead and 124 wounded after a bomb ripped through a crowded bus station on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria on Monday.

A war-torn Libyan port muscles its way back

A war-torn Libyan port muscles its way back

Misurata, one of the most damaged cities in country’s 2011 revolution, has shiny new buildings — and a dark side.

Photos from around the region

South Sudan again rocked by violence

Hundreds killed as rebels seize oil hub, the United Nations has said.

Blast in Nigerian capital kills at least 71

Police say an explosion at a busy bus station has also wounded 124.

Crisis in the Central African Republic

The U.N. evacuated Muslims from the capital of the Central African Republic in order to “save their lives,” officials say.

Rwanda’s somber remembrance

In powerful ceremonies, heads of state, survivors and children mark 20 years since the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rwanda’s journey after the genocide

Two decades later, the country has made great strides economically.

1996: Rwandan refugees return from Zaire

The refugees return and efforts are made to reunite children and parents.

Crisis in the Central African Republic

During months of violence, more than 130,000 people have taken refuge in Cameroon, but many are sheltered in the capital.

In Senegal, birth control meets religious rejection

A campaign to encourage smaller families is denounced as un-Islamic.

Chad marks Zakouma National Park’s anniversary

50th anniversary of it’s oldest park with ceremonial incineration of elephant tusks.

Instability, violence in Central African Republic

Killings and atrocities continue as thousands flee to neighboring countries.

Animal views

Kenyan lions fitted with GPS-tracking collars, a snowy owl in downtown Washington and other fascinating creatures.

Explosion at security headquarters in Cairo

At least five people were killed in highest-profile attack on Egypt’s military-backed government since Morsi’s ouster last year.

Amid violence, Egyptians vote on new constitution

Egyptians vote on a draft document backed by the military-appointed government that could lead to fresh elections.

Thousands displaced by fighting in South Sudan

The violence began in mid-December and quickly sparked inter-ethnic attacks.

Protests in Egypt

The trial of ousted president Mohamed Morsi has been postponed until Feb. 1, prompting clashes in Cairo.

Tensions ease in Central African Republic

There were signs of some calm after the man who seized power last year went into exile.

Huge crowds gather to remember Mandela

Scores of world leaders and tens of thousands of South Africans honor their former leader’s extraordinary life.

Bomb blast hits bus in Cairo, wounds 5 people

A bomb explodes in a busy intersection near schools in the Egyptian capital.

Bombing at Egyptian police station

A powerful car bomb tore through a police headquarters in a Nile Delta city, killing 13 people.

Israel seeks ways to get illegal migrants to leave

The Israeli government says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it’s looking for ways to get them to leave voluntarily.