Fear in Freetown as Ebola arrives in cities

A checkpoint to screen travelers for Ebola symptoms. (Pete Muller/Prime)

It’s already the worst outbreak of Ebola in history. Now it’s moving into Africa’s teeming cities.

    Growing alarm as Ebola crisis spurs nations to close doors

    Growing alarm as Ebola crisis spurs nations to close doors

    WHO warns the flight cancellations and border closures will only make the outbreak harder to deal with.

    Bride price app stirs controversy

    Bride price app stirs controversy

    The Ni­ger­ian firm behind an app that assesses a woman’s bride price says the app shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but some gender activists are criticizing it.

    Ebola fears prompt Liberia clinics to close

    Ebola fears prompt Liberia clinics to close

    Many health centers in Liberia are closing, as medical personnel are refusing to come into work for fear of being infected with the Ebola virus.

    Discount fertility services help South Africans conceive

    Discount fertility services help South Africans conceive

    Low-income South Africans are taking advantage of reduced priced IVF treatment offered by a leading Cape Town fertility clinic to increase their chances of conceiving.

    African leaders to attend unprecedented summit in D.C.

    African leaders to attend unprecedented summit in D.C.

    Nearly 50 leaders from the continent are invited to a summit with President Obama on a range of issues.

    Photos from around the region

    South Sudan faces famine amid civil war

    About 50,000 children are at risk of death from the man-made crisis, as fighting disrupts farming and trade.

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    A look at key images from this week’s news, from an Ebola quarantine in Liberia to continued protests in Ferguson.

    Fighting to contain Ebola

    Governments move to stop the latest outbreak from spreading further as the death toll from the virus tops 1,300.

    Air Algerie jet with 116 on board crashes in Mali

    An Air Algerie jetliner carrying 116 people crashed Thursday in restive Mali, the third major international aviation disaster in a week.

    Fighting continues at Tripoli airport

    Libyan militias battled for control of the capital’s airport, fighting that killed at least three people, a security official said.

    Israeli action in Gaza triggers protests

    Demonstrators in India, Venezuela and other countries rally against the continued bloodshed in the region.

    Explosion in Nigeria kills at least 21

    Blast that hit crowded shopping center in Abuja, the nation’s capital, is thought to be work of Islamic extremists.

    Think it’s hot where you are?

    Try staying cool when it’s 113 degrees. See how people around the globe contend with high temperatures.

    Egyptians vote in presidential election

    Two candidates are vying for the top office after Egypt’s first democratically elected president was ousted last year.

    Car bombs explode in Jos, Nigeria

    Two car bombs exploded at a bustling bus terminal and market, killing at least 118 people and wounding dozens.

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    French photojournalist killed in Africa

    Camille Lepage, 26, was slain while on assignment in the war-torn Central African Republic.

    South Africa begins voting

    South Africans head to the polls Wednesday to vote in a general election that will decide whether the ruling ANC will remain in power.

    Worldwide, protesters demand rescue of Ni­ger­ian girls

    International rallies protest the government’s weak response to mass kidnapping of schoolgirls.

    Explosion kills 19 in Nigerian capital of Abuja

    A car bomb exploded on a busy road in Nigeria days before the city is to host a major international economic forum.

    May Day celebrations, protests and clashes

    Demonstrators around the world rally for workers.

    Star Wars to boost tourism

    The nation is using “Star Wars” to increase visitors and save a movie set.

    South Sudan again rocked by violence

    Hundreds killed as rebels seize oil hub, the United Nations has said.

    Blast in Nigerian capital kills at least 71

    Police say an explosion at a busy bus station has also wounded 124.

    Crisis in the Central African Republic

    The U.N. evacuated Muslims from the capital of the Central African Republic in order to “save their lives,” officials say.