He promised himself he was done handling the dead. Then Ebola came.

A deceased baby is carried from an area in Freetown.

Andrew Kondoh cared for bodies during Sierra Leone’s civil war. Now, he buries them amid a new tragedy.

    Scuffles break out in Kenya’s parliament

    Scuffles break out in Kenya’s parliament

    Kenya’s parliamentary chamber descended into chaos over amendments to a security bill on Thursday, as members of the opposition began shouting and tearing up papers.

    Rescuers dig for survivors in Nairobi building collapse

    Rescuers dig for survivors in Nairobi building collapse

    Rescue workers used bare hands to search for survivors in the rubble of a four-story building that collapsed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Wednesday. At least six people were injured.

    Oil hits new five-year low

    Oil hits new five-year low

    Brent crude oil has fallen almost $2 a barrel hitting a new five-year low. The slump follows predictions that oversupply will keep building until next year after OPEC decided not to cut output.

    Ian Player, South African conservationist, dies at 87

    Ian Player, South African conservationist, dies at 87

    Mr. Player worked to preserve the white rhinoceros in Africa and other forms of endangered wildlife.

    Hague court drops charges against Kenyan president

    Hague court drops charges against Kenyan president

    First active head of state to face ICC charges was accused of role in bloodshed in 2007.

    Stricken with Ebola, family runs away from treatment — and into the jungle

    Stricken with Ebola, family runs away from treatment — and into the jungle

    When Foday Kalma's daughter got Ebola, he fled a medical system that many in Sierra Leone mistrust.

    Photos from around the region

    In Sierra Leone, Ebola reaches a remote village

    Kumala is grappling with the deadly virus, and its people’s distrust of modern medicine is proving a daunting obstacle.

    Suicide bombing in Mogadishu kills four

    A bomber drove a car into a U.N. convoy in the Somali capital. The group al-Shabab claimed responsibility.

    Bombs and gunfire rip through Ni­ger­ian mosque

    Dozens of people were killed in an attack that officials say bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

    Deaths, burials mount in Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone

    The lack of beds for infected patients has led to the rapid spread of the disease.

    A doctor’s mistaken Ebola test proves tragic

    Martin Salia’s friends hugged him when his first test showed he was free of Ebola. Now he has died, and questions remain.

    In Liberia, Ebola leaves hunger in its wake

    Markets are closed and fieldwork is disrupted.

    Preparing for Ebola patients at U.S. facility in Liberia

    Health workers take part in a simulation at a new field hospital in Monrovia.

    Ebola in Ganta, Liberia

    The town is waiting for the arrival of an Ebola treatment unit to accommodate the rising cases of the deadly virus.

    Gunfire reported in Burkina Faso capital

    The development underscores the power vacuum that has emerged after the president’s ouster.

    Tunisia at a crossroads

    Many Tunisians are joining the Islamic State. Upcoming elections will help determine the direction of the country.

    Another side of the Ebola crisis

    In Liberia, where there are few ambulances, simply getting to a treatment center can be an ordeal.

    U.S. military aids in fight against Ebola virus

    American servicemembers were deployed to Liberia as part of Operation United Assistance.

    Ebola epidemic

    The virus is killing 70 percent of those infected, and there could be 10,000 new cases a week in West Africa by Dec. 1.

    Left behind

    As Ebola continues to spread, Liberia and other countries struggle to care for the children orphaned by the deadly virus.

    On Ebola’s front line

    As the Ebola epidemic continues, patients in Liberia celebrate recovery from deadly disease.

    Churches step in to help with Ebola prevention

    In Ebola-ravaged Liberia, churches serve as a rare gathering place.

    Struggling to contain Ebola epidemic

    Health experts debate using unproved drugs to treat the deadly virus as it continues to spread in west Africa.

    South Sudan faces famine amid civil war

    About 50,000 children are at risk of death from the man-made crisis, as fighting disrupts farming and trade.

    Best news photos of the week

    A look at key images from this week’s news, from an Ebola quarantine in Liberia to continued protests in Ferguson.

    Fighting to contain Ebola

    Governments move to stop the epidemic from spreading further as the death toll from the virus continues to grow.