After months of scandals, new rules in Mexico to tackle corruption

The Congress passed a new national anti-corruption system that many hope will address impunity.

Pope Francis to stop off in Cuba on way to United States in September

He helped bring about the reconciliation between Havana and Washington.

The Amazon rail line — pig iron factories and rural radicals

Most of the villagers suffer from acute health issues. They’ve taken creative steps to protest the pollution that follows the train line.



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Starting up in Cuba, but not connected

With new access to the U.S. market, the island’s entrepreneurs are raring to go. If they can get online.

Next move in U.S.-Cuba thaw rests in Havana

Cuba may wait for Obama's terrorism-list removal to take effect before looking to reopen embassies.

Another huge and open iron mine is carved out of Brazil’s rain forest

Rare plants and ancient human artifacts are in the way of giant excavating equipment.

Eduardo Galeano, influential Uruguayan author, dies at 74

His anti-capitalist polemic “The Open Veins of Latin America” became a lodestar for leftists worldwide.

Castro and Cuba show new side at Summit, and old tactics too

Reconciliation between the U.S. and Cuba will happen much sooner than reconciliation among Cubans

Obama, Castro hold historic meeting, agree to foster ‘a new relationship’

After a historic meeting with Cuban President Raúl Castro, Obama said the nations’ immediate task is to reopen embassies in Washington and Havana after decades of official estrangement.

In Jamaica, Obama indicates that he will remove Cuba from terrorism list

The announcement came at a Caribbean meeting ahead of this week’s Summit of the Americas.

Poll shows vast majority of Cubans welcome closer ties with U.S.

A rare public survey shows unhappiness with the country’s system, and many want to leave.

Surveying Cubans under the Castro government

How the poll was carried out, and confidentiality assured, without official authorization.

Search continues for missing Mexican oil platform workers after deadly fire

Pemex officials said that oil production will soon resume at damaged platform.

The Mexican military invaded Acapulco. But the party never stopped.

Foreign visitors are scarcer now. But domestic tourists are flooding into Acapulco for Easter weekend break.

Facing new test, Cuba’s revolution circles back

With change afoot, Cubans will be wrestling once more with the legacy and meaning of their revolution.

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