To fight the Taliban, Pakistani military turns to unorthodox but simple tactics

A rare tour of a training center shows how the army is responding to the imperatives of face-to-face combat.

South Korea asks to join Pacific trade deal. Washington says not so fast.

A country with a reputation for hard bargaining is not welcome at this delicate moment.

Foreign fighters are spilling into Afghanistan, helping the Taliban

A new wave of attacks that killed 18 Afghan soldiers over the weekend included rare beheadings.



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Prime Minister Modi says India must lead on climate change

In recent speeches, he has started to criticize “scolding” developed nations that have “destroyed nature.”

China releases five women’s rights activists after global uproar

The detentions had caused outrage and threatened to cast a shadow over President Xi’s September U.S. trip.

Afghanistan’s defining fight: Technocrats vs. strongmen

If men like Atta Mohammad Noor remain powerful, can the country become a modern democracy?

Beijing’s Olympic bid tests whether IOC is serious about reform

Many people are wondering how a country that critics say repressed its people in preparation for the 2008 Games could even be in the running for a second Olympics so soon afterward.

After suffering under the Taliban, an Afghan minority faces new threats

Kidnappings and fear of the Islamic State mark a resurgence of troubles facing ethnic Hazaras.

Missile launch underscores N. Korean threat, U.S. defense secretary says

Ashton Carter visited South Korea to discuss concerns about nuclear and military activities in the North.

Why Pakistan is still undecided about sending troops to fight in Yemen

Debate in Parliament over military support of the Saudi-led campaign has continued into a third day.

U.S. soldier killed, 2 wounded in suspected Afghan ‘insider attack’

The attacker, wearing an Afghan army uniform, was killed in return fire in the incident in eastern Afghanistan.

Revised defense rules would give Japan new powers to aid U.S. military

Japan is moving to expand the role of its Self-Defense Forces as it faces threats from North Korea and China.

In China’s Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders

A coal boom has polluted grasslands, depleted lakes and driven people from their land.

Chinese riot police crush grasslands protest over chemical pollution

The protest is the latest in a series of demonstrations by herders on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

India’s Modi pushes to streamline sale of farmland for development

But can the popular prime minister convince lawmakers and farmers that he is not hurting the poor?

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