China refuses open nominations for Hong Kong’s leader

(Jerome Favre / EPA)

As Beijing tightens its grip on the region, pro-democracy activists vow to occupy the business district.

    Pakistani protesters head toward prime minister’s house

    Pakistani protesters head toward prime minister’s house

    Blocking force of police officers disrupts march; protest leaders vow to keep agitating for premier to quit.

    Muscle men make unlikely peace trip to Pyongyang

    Muscle men make unlikely peace trip to Pyongyang

    Professional wrestlers, including three Americans, are by turns wowing and shocking select North Koreans.

    Australian jihadist has long history of mental illness

    Australian jihadist has long history of mental illness

    Now part of the fight in Iraq and Syria, Khaled Sharrouf highlights trend of disturbed men joining Islamic State.

    China, Russia conduct live military drills

    China, Russia conduct live military drills

    Members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes China, Russia and Central Asia states, conducted live drills in northern China on Friday, according to Chinese state media reports.

    Pandas triplets turn 1 month old

    Pandas triplets turn 1 month old

    The world's only known panda triplets to be born in captivity turned 1 month old at China's Chimelong Safari Park Zoo.

    Photos from around the region

    Playing polo with pachyderms

    An annual elephant polo tournament in Thailand raises money for elephant conservation projects.

    Ukraine, Russian troops continue to battle

    Ukraine charged Russia was deepening its foray into Ukrainian territory and sending new troops to the Crimean border.

    Testing India’s sense of humor

    Stand-up comedy has taken off in the country, and the jokers aren’t sure how far to push.

    Protesters march on Pakistan’s Parliament

    Demonstrators are demanding that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resign.

    39 dead, dozens missing in landslide in Japan

    Rain-sodden slopes collapsed in torrents of mud, rock and debris Wednesday on the outskirts of Hiroshima.

    Waiting to die at India’s Salvation House

    A charity-run hostel caters to people who wish to die in Varanasi, Hinduism’s holiest city.

    Monsoons hit India

    Flooding and a deadly landslide ensue as heavy rains sweep the country.

    A human pyramid of devotion

    In India, worshipers celebrate the birth of the Hindu god Krishna by linking up to reach a pot high above the ground.

    Pope Francis visits South Korea

    The pope begins his first trip through Asia with a five-day visit to South Korea.

    The Hungry Ghost festival

    In this ritual observed by many Chinese, ghosts are believed to visit the living in search of food, rest and entertainment.

    Ramen lovers in Japan begin to worry

    The dish has become hugely popular around the world, but sales in Japan are falling.

    Strong earthquake kills hundreds in China

    The 6.1-magnitude earthquake on Aug. 3 also left thousands homeless.

    Uighurs face a crackdown in China

    The government says ethnic violence that has killed dozens is terrorism. Uighurs claim government oppression.

    Slow start to monsoon season delays rice

    Rainfall in parts of Asia is down 23 percent so far this monsoon season. The good news for farmers is it’s expected to pick up.

    Japan marks 69 years since Hiroshima

    Japan marked the anniversary of the first atomic bomb that was dropped by the United States.

    More remains found at Flight 17 site in Ukraine

    A Dutch-led team finds more human remains at the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site in rebel-held territory in Ukraine.