Blast kills 12 at Afghan mosque

Omar Sobhani/Reuters - A wounded Afghan policeman is carried away from the site of an explosion in Kabul May 24, 2013. Several large explosions rocked a busy area in the centre of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Friday with Reuters witnesses describing shooting in the area.

KABUL — A blast during Friday night prayers in a mosque in central Afghanistan killed 12 people, eight of them Taliban insurgents, officials said Saturday.

The insurgents placed explosives in a corner of the mosque, in Ghazni province’s Andar district, before joining worshipers, according to Qasim Deswal, a local official. They had been passing the village carrying the explosives they routinely use for roadside-bomb or suicide attacks against Afghan and NATO targets when they stopped at the mosque, Deswal said.

Ancient Roman costumed groups of people parade in the ancient areas of Colosseum , Circus Maximus and the Roman Forum to celebrate the festivities of Christmas of Rome, in Rome, Monday, April 21, 2014. Legend says that Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 BC in an area surrounded by seven hills. Every year the city celebrates the Birth of Rome with parades and fighting in costume, re-enacting the deeds of the great ancient Roman Empire. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

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“We have a number of wounded people, too, from this explosion, some in critical condition,” he said.

Also Saturday, a would-be suicide bomber in the capital, Kabul, died when his explosives-rigged vest detonated early, the Associated Press reported police as saying.

The mosque explosion in Ghazni came on the same day as an attack by another group of insurgents, including suicide bombers, on a police compound and a guest house used by foreigners in the heart of Kabul.

In addition to the six assailants, four other people, including a Nepalese guard at the guest house, were killed in that attack, which lasted for hours. Several expatriate officials of the International Organization for Migration were wounded, the United Nations said.

The Taliban used rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and assault rifles in the attack, which took place less than a mile from the Interior Ministry. Hashmat Stanikzai, a police official, said the attackers used a car bomb at the start of the raid and that all of them wore burqas, the Islamic dress commonly used by women in Afghanistan.

“We had to pull out our family members from the area because of continued gun battles and at times successive explosions,” said Shah Maluk, a resident.

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