Shock, sadness after teen’s arrest in terror case

(Ed Andrieski / Associated Press)

She was a memorable figure in this western Denver suburb, a teenager wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf and dress, sitting alone on a park swing or walking into a Christian church with a backpack and notebook.

Why being Chechen is a badge of honor for Islamist militants

“Even if his emir tells him to kill a child, he would do it.“


US seeks more security at some overseas airports

(Charles Dharapak, File / Associated Press)

U.S. intelligence officials are concerned that al-Qaida is trying to develop a new and improved bomb that could go undetected through airport security.


FBI: Denver woman wanted to go to Syria for jihad

Newly unsealed court documents show the FBI thwarted a Denver woman’s attempt to help a terrorist organization by arresting her before she boarded a flight in April.

The new Islamic caliphate and its war against history

As ISIS declares a new caliphate in the Middle East, should we blame European empires for making this mess?


Removal of Syrian chemical arsenal was result of unprecedented collaboration

(© Larry Downing / Reuters / Reuters)

Dozens of countries, some of them sworn adversaries, overcame setbacks, delays and arguments.

Democratic Sen. Manchin not on board with Obama’s $500 million Syria request

The West Virginia Democrat also says Iraqis need to sort out their own civil war.

Former NSA/CIA head: ISIS’s ascent in Iraq poses 9/11-like danger to U.S.

The former CIA and NSA head says he expects the country will be partitioned into three states.


Obama asks for authorization to provide direct military training to Syrian rebels

(Dusan Vranic / AP)

The administration for the first time asks Congress to authorize and fund direct military training for opposition.


U.S. looks to provide Europeans access to courts in privacy cases

The administration will urge Congress to provide E.U. citizens with the same rights in cases of data protection.