UN virtual reality film highlights plight of Syrian refugees

The United Nations is using virtual reality technology to help the public experience what it is like to live in a Syrian refugee camp, showing how the latest technology can be adapted for humanitarian efforts.


Funding shortfalls for Syrian refugees in 5 host countries

(Raad Adayleh / Associated Press)

Facts and figures about the Syrian refugee crisis:


Obama not drawing new red line on Syria chemical weapons use

President Barack Obama says he is not drawing a new red line on Syrian chemical weapons usage.


FBI accuses North Texas man of lying about Islamic State

A suburban Dallas man was arrested Thursday after FBI agents accused him of lying to them about whether he supported the leader of the Islamic State group.


AP News in Brief at 7:58 p.m. EDT

Nepal shaken again by a major earthquake, spreading more fear and misery; at least 37 killed


America's most graphic anti-Islamic State video

Hear from the man responsible for one of the most controversial counter-messaging videos produced by the U.S. State Department. "Welcome to ISIS Land" used footage straight from gruesome Islamic State propaganda videos and led to a backlash from officials in Washington. EDITOR’S NOTE: The Washington Post has blurred the graphic images from the State Department video.

Rand Paul: GOP hawks are ‘lap dogs’ for Obama

The war of words between hawks and Paul continues

Photo: Were Iranian soldiers fighting in Tikrit?

Graffiti in Farsi praises Iranian forces for defeating Islamic State, pointing to the possibility some of that country’s forces were present in Tikrit.

How the heart-wrenching photo of Syria’s surrendering child came to be

“I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” the photographer said.


How crashing drones are exposing secrets about U.S. war operations

(The Washington Post)

A drone wreck in Syria and others in Yemen are pulling back the curtain on U.S. surveillance targets.