U.S. evacuates embassy in Libya, citing militia violence

(Str / EPA)

The decision comes after clashes between rival groups in the capital heated up in recent days.

For a few injured Gazans, a harrowing lifeline to Jordan

Only Jordan has been approved to evacuate the injured.19 have made it there. But the transfer is grueling.

Depth of Gaza devastation becomes clear after cease-fire

Depth of Gaza devastation becomes clear after cease-fire

Scores believed dead. Bomb craters, leveled buildings, impassable streets among the damage in Gaza City.

Kerry’s task harder than with past Middle East truces

Kerry’s task harder than with past Middle East truces

Dizzying complications stand in the way of a Gaza cease-fire this time around.

Israel and Hamas agree to a 12-hour cease-fire

Israel and Hamas agree to a 12-hour cease-fire

At least five Palestinian protesters were reported killed in clashes with Israeli security forces.

Palestinian protests are filled with young people

Palestinian protests are filled with young people

A generation not yet born during the two Palestinian uprisings took to the streets Thursday and Friday.

Photos from around the region

Gaza residents assess damage

During a brief cease-fire, Gazans find vast destruction.

Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza

Backed by artillery shells and airstrikes, assault continues.

Israeli action in Gaza triggers protests

Demonstrators in India, Venezuela and other countries rally against the continued bloodshed in the region.

Israeli airstrikes intensify in Gaza Strip

The military hit more than 100 sites overnight in a campaign aimed at stopping rocket fire from the region.

Cousin of slain Arab teen gets house arrest after scuffle with police

The U.S. called for an investigation of an incident in which Tariq Abu Khieder appeared to have been beaten by Israeli police.

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli police after slain teen’s funeral

The death of Mohammad Abu Khieder, possibly as retaliation for the killing of three Jewish teens, has caused tensions to spike.

Iraq’s Khazair displacement camp

Khazair is home to an estimated 1,500 internally displaced Iraqis, with the number rising daily.

Israel mourns three teens at public funeral

The students who went missing in the West Bank in June were laid to rest in the city of Modiin.

As fighting continues, more Iraqis flee

Battles between Iraqi security forces and an extremist group go on, and camps for displaced civilians grow larger.

Sectarian killings rattle Sunnis in Baghdad

As militants press offensive elsewhere, minority in capital fears being targeted.

Iraqis prepare to fight militants

After the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took Mosul and other cities, Iraq sought volunteers to join the army.

Volunteers flock to defend Baghdad

Shiite clerics called on Iraqi civilians to take up arms against advancing Sunni insurgents inspired by al-Qaeda.

In the Vatican gardens, historic prayers for peace

The Israeli and Palestinian leaders joined Pope Francis in invocations and symbolically planting olive trees.

Car-bomb attacks hit political party offices north of Baghdad

A suicide bomber drove his explosive-laden truck into a checkpoint in Tuz Khormato, Iraq, and then a second bomb exploded.

A trip through the heart of central Iran

Now 25 years after the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a look at life in Iran and the legacy of the Islamic Revolution.