Egypt’s presidential election: Facts about the historic post-Mubarak vote

Who are the candidates?

Mohamed Morsi, the candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group, is in a face-off with former prime minister and air force chief Ahmed Shafiq in the presidential election runoff.


Egypt's Presidential Vote

Who is Mohammed Morsi?

Who is Mohammed Morsi?

Conservative Islamist Mohammed Morsi has vowed to implement a strict version of Islamic law.

Where Morsi stands on the issues

Where Morsi stands on the issues

A look at what the new president has to say on regional peace, religion and political transition.

Ignatius: What’s next for the military?

Ignatius: What’s next for the military?

The time has come for the generals in Egypt to stand down.

Egyptians celebrate new leader

Egyptians celebrate new leader

Massive crowd gathers in Tahrir Square to celebrate the victory of Islamist candidate Mohamed Morsi.

When do the polls close?

Polling stations opened Saturday morning and will close Sunday night.

When will we know who won?

The campaigns will likely start making predictions late Sunday based on preliminary counts reported by election observers around the country. The formal results will be announced Thursday.

What powers will the new president have?

That remains unclear. The country’s constitution is suspended. Egypt’s ruling military generals are expected to define in coming days what powers the president will have. They might be waiting to know who wins before doing so.

Who will swear in Egypt’s next president?

The president is supposed to be sworn in in front of both houses of Egypt’s parliament. But the parliament was dissolved this week, and it is unclear who will take the new leader’s oath. The head of the election commission and constitutional court, Farouk Sultan, told the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper that the president will most likely take his oath in front of the high constitutional court since there is no longer a parliament.

When does the president assume his position?

The military council is supposed to hand power over to the newly elected president no later than July 1.

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