Why a conservative group says it regrets its portrayal of the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden

'We deeply regret that the invitation described Mr. O'Neill in a way that is inconsistent with the high standards he applies when he characterizes the service of Navy SEALS to our country," the group's founder said.

Obama says he will not rest until Post reporter in Iran is freed

The president’s remarks at the White House correspondents’ dinner shines a light on the journalist’s plight.

U.S. government’s refusal to discuss drone attacks comes under fire

Critics want information on all drone strikes for which strong evidence exists that civilians were killed.



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Eric Holder hails ‘golden age’ on his final day with Justice Department

The first black attorney general became a liberal icon, but he was a lightning rod on Capitol Hill.

Confrontation avoided? Iranian ships and U.S. aircraft carrier both turn away from Yemen

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is expected to return to its mission supporting the U.S. bombing campaign against Islamic State militants.

House threatens to slash defense funding over Bergdahl investigation

A Republican-led committee says the administration has dragged its feet on a probe into the 2014 prisoner swap.

Ghosts of Vietnam: Fraternity brothers expelled after reports of spitting on veterans

In one Florida town, a recent incident recalls the ugliness of the Vietnam War.

Want to shoot machine guns with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden? That’ll be $50,000, please.

Robert O'Neill, the former Navy SEAL credited with killing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, will appear at the conservative fundraiser in June.

Petraeus pleads guilty to mishandling classified material, will face probation

The former CIA chief won’t face prison time for providing information to his former mistress.

Raised on Calif. farm, American killed in strike became a face of violent jihad

Adam Gadahn was a well-known figure in al-Qaeda before his death in a drone strike on Pakistan’s border.

Hostages’ deaths raise wider questions about drone strikes’ civilian toll

The administration is considering whether its policies go far enough in eliminating the risk of deadly errors.

In major step, eight women make it through Ranger School’s grueling ‘RAP Week’

The results raise the prospect that female soldiers could graduate from the elite course for the first time ever.

For first time, Pentagon strategy addresses use of cyberweapons

The strategy, which Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced during a speech at Stanford University, is part of a concerted effort to be more transparent about the United States' use of tools to defend and deter attacks.

The Pentagon plan to get back hostage Warren Weinstein that never materialized

Rep. Duncan Hunter said the Pentagon was working on a plan that would have exchanged seven Western hostages for a single key detainee held by the U.S.

Obama apologizes for attack that killed two hostages

January drone strikes in Pakistan killed contractor Warren Weinstein and aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto, as well as two Americans who worked with al-Qaeda.

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