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Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency leak

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The latest: Officials fear that Snowden gained access to sensitive files that outline espionage operations against Chinese leaders and other critical targets.

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A fatal wrong turn suspected at NSA

(AP / AP)

What first looked like an attempt to breach security now appears to have been a wrong turn by two men who police believe stole a vehicle and perhaps didn’t stop because they had drugs inside.


Tech firms and privacy groups press for curbs on NSA surveillance powers

(Patrick Semansky / AP)

Security hawks want to preserve the spy agency authorities as the deadline to act approaches.

Allies spy on allies all the time. Did Israel do something worse?

The issue isn’t the information gleamed — it’s what may have happened next.

NSA’s top lawyer joins private sector

The top lawyer for the National Security Agency, Rajesh De, has stepped down from his post and will join the law firm Mayer Brown.

After Edward Snowden, few have made changes to protect their privacy

If so many people are concerned about surveillance in theory, why aren’t they doing more about it?

Has Obama delivered the ‘most transparent’ administration in history?

The administration’s record is mixed, at best.

Rand Paul’s one-word strategy to reach young voters: Snapchat

People born in 1998 will vote for the first time in 2016, and they’re on Snapchat.


Five shootings in public places in Maryland said to be linked; 35-year-old charged

(Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Police Department / Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Police Dept.)

Hong Young, a former Maryland prison officer, has been charged with one shooting.


China removes top U.S. tech firms from government purchasing list

(Albert Gea / Reuters)

The move is seen as a response to NSA spying, amid a widening cyber-rift between the U.S. and China.