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Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency leak

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The latest: Officials fear that Snowden gained access to sensitive files that outline espionage operations against Chinese leaders and other critical targets.

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#HappyTracksgiving : How your travels are tracked this holiday season

(SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg)

Traveling by train? air? hot air balloon? Someone is always watching you.

Shock: The NSA’s live Q&A is totally devoid of substance

The NSA is doing a live Q&A — but without much Q or A.


Foreign powers steal data on critical U.S. infrastructure, NSA chief says


Adm. Michael S. Rogers warns that the stolen information could be used to launch cyberattacks.

Utah legislature considers shutting off NSA’s water

A legislative committee is considering prohibiting municipalities from working with the spy agency.

Less pandering, more foreign policy leadership

Having it every which way on foreign policy is no way to audition for commander in chief.


U.S., Israeli companies supply spy gear to repressive regimes, report says


The surveillance technology is sold to Central Asian nations that smother basic rights, a watchdog group says.


NSA reform legislation blocked in Senate amid renewed fears of terrorist attacks

(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

GOP advocates for the agency and others appealed to renewed terrorist fears in move to block Senate debate.

Rubio and McConnell recognize NSA’s utility

Leahy’s bill separates serious defenders of national security from the posers.

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