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Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency leak

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The latest: Officials fear that Snowden gained access to sensitive files that outline espionage operations against Chinese leaders and other critical targets.

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Extension of Snowden’s asylum likely soon, Russian official says

(Handout / Reuters/NBC News)

The extension of the ex-NSA contractor’s asylum will probably come within days, official says.

AP: US had ‘heads up’ on destruction of Guardian hard drives

White House suggests that happiness over impending act was something ‘confined to intelligence operations.’

Allies behaving badly

Who’s the bad ally, the United States or the other guy?


Britain moves to force communications companies to store customer data


The emergency legislation is in response to a European court ruling on personal privacy issues.


German investigation of U.S. espionage widens

(John MacDougall / AFP/Getty Images)

Obama administration officials fear the probe could be part of a broader crackdown on U.S. spying.

Edward Snowden seeks more time in Russia

(Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras / EPA)

His lawyer said they have submitted documents for extending his stay in Russia past when his temporary asylum is set to expire on July 31.

Senate intelligence panel advances cybersecurity bill

Lawmakers cheer the 12-3 vote, but civil liberties advocates say the proposed legislation fails to adequately shield Americans’ privacy.


Eugene Robinson: NSA’s misguided snooping on innocent people

(Obtained by The Washington Post / Obtained by The Washington Post)

The NSA’s snooping net catches much more than anyone thought.