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Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency leak

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The latest: Officials fear that Snowden gained access to sensitive files that outline espionage operations against Chinese leaders and other critical targets.

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Five shootings in public places in Maryland said to be linked; 35-year-old charged

(Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Police Department / Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Police Dept.)

Hong Young, a former Maryland prison officer, has been charged with one shooting.


China removes top U.S. tech firms from government purchasing list

(Albert Gea / Reuters)

The move is seen as a response to NSA spying, amid a widening cyber-rift between the U.S. and China.

European privacy policy is not a cynical anti-competitive plot

Some U.S. commentators believe that European privacy policy is driven by the desire to cripple American companies rather than sincere attachment to values. They’re wrong.

How China is exploiting Edward Snowden… or thinks it’s exploiting Edward Snowden

China makes a move that’s detrimental to Western tech companies. But it’s likely detrimental to China as well

Morning links: Global war on drugs costs $100 billion a year

Plus: Another troubling arson conviction, “sovereign citizens” panic, a more restrained response to protest.

Clinton is looking for a middle ground on encryption that experts say doesn’t exist

Clinton joins the chorus of policy-makers who seem to be avoiding how the technology actually works.

‘Citizenfour’ and the power of personal stories

Edward Snowden said he didn’t want to be a distraction. But personal stories are often what give political reform real momentum.

Hollywood’s frayed relationship with the left

The Oscars show just how much the historic relationship between Hollywood and the left is in need of work.