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Nelson Mandela dies at 95

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Nelson Mandela, the South African political prisoner turned post-apartheid leader who inspired generations with his courageous stand against racial discrimination, died Dec. 5.

Chris Paul and Luol Deng are slated to play in NBA’s first-ever exhibition game in Africa

Deng, who comes from South Sudan, will captain a team composed entirely of first- and second-generation African players in the Aug. 1 game.


Historic handshakes

(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

Throughout history, some handshakes have become a symbol of peace and hope.

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Track and field: DeMatha’s Brenton Nelson wins Crimson Tide Invitational long jump

(Doug Kapustin / For The Washington Post)

TRACK AND FIELD | DeMatha junior Brenton Nelson wins the event at H.D. Woodson by leaping more than 23 feet.


Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore, dies at 91

(Wong Maye-E / AP)

Singapore's first prime minister oversaw its independence from Britain and Malaysia and, with a far-sighted vision and an iron fist, its transformation from a Third World colonial trading post into a glittering multicultural commercial hub.

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The necessary violence of ‘The Americans’

A murder on last night’s episode might have seemed like part of a disturbing television trend. But it’s part of a much longer and much more upsetting historical tradition.

The 6 strangest moments from Madonna’s PR campaign for ‘Rebel Heart’

The pop legend inserted herself back in the news while gearing up for the release of her 13th album.


‘Peter, Paul and Mary: Fifty Years in Music and Life’ celebrates the trio’s anniversary

(Nicholas Zurek / Nicholas Zurek)

A new coffee-table book features photos from pivotal moments in the band’s long career.

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‘Morgan Freeman’ endorses a ‘viable candidate’ in Massachusetts (Video)

The most brazen -- and perhaps dumbest -- campaign ad of the year.


Nobel Peace Prize winners

(Andrew Gombert / Martial Trezzin / European Pressphoto Agency)

A look at the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winners and other recipients throughout the years.

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From TR to MLK to Malala

(Rui Vieira / AP)

Here are 16 of the most famous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize — and when they won the award.

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