See How the Power of Logistics Works for You

Logistics is becoming increasingly important in today's economy as a high percentage of consumers live outside in the US. Gaining access to these consumers and suppliers will allow companies to take advantage of new opportunities around the globe. This section will feature a series of custom content exploring ways in which companies can reach these global markets through Logistics.

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Making Customers Happier


Triumph Motorcycles and UPS Deliver a World Class Ride:
For over a century motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide have regarded the Triumph Motorcycles brand as an icon of classic styling, distinctive ride, and legendary high performance.

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Logistics Keeps this Supply Chain Humming:
Martin Guitar relies on tradition, hand craftsmanship, and new UPS technology to transform the future of its operations.

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Reverse Logistics Makes Returns an Advantage:
When the shoe doesn't fit, there is an efficient returns process that does. Find out how Zappos leverages reverse logistics to keep customers satisfied.

Returns: Making Customers Very Happy

L.L. Bean began in 1912 as the smallest of business ventures, with one man’s idea for a rubber-and-leather weatherproof hunting boot sold via mail order. It was Leon Leonwood Bean’s 100 percent guarantee of quality, however, that launched a revolution in customer service expectations as well a billion-dollar retail business. Since then other retailers such as Lands’ End, and Zappos have built their reputations for quality and success on this guarantee, made possible on today’s grand scale by sophisticated reverse logistics systems.

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Keeping In Touch With Customers

Keeping in touch with customers has never been more important than in this age of instant feedback. Fortunately, the same ubiquitous mobile and online communications technologies underlying real-time connectivity worldwide also enable a new level of responsiveness and trust between businesses and clients.

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UPS Delivers on Time Despite Mother Nature

When the weather is against you, UPS meteorologists are on your side, working 24/7 to minimize weather's impact on deliveries.

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Growing your business/expanding globally

Growing Your Business Globally

Now more than any other time in business history, United States-based small businesses have a host of growth opportunities beckoning them.

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Navigating Global Trade

Until recently, small and midsize businesses have been wary of trading beyond United States- or NAFTA-defined borders.

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Automated UPS Hub Speeds Shipping

Thanks to a billion-dollar upgrade, the world's largest automated package-sorting air hub provides a whole new level of speed and service.

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UPS Snapshots for Small Businesses

The following guides provide an overview of global markets that present significant opportunity to U.S. businesses, whether they are just beginning to explore international trade or already expanding to new markets.

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Save Time and Money

Heavy Freight

Speed Your Heavy Freight Deliveries:
Fast, nationwide delivery of large shipments is no small feat. Eric Souza of UPS shares how UPS North American Freight makes it easier on you.

Power of Partnership

Success through Supply Chain Partnerships:
Companies that work together, win together. Dr. Lucius Riccio explains how supply chain partnerships are key to being competitive.

Logistics Unlocks Corporate and Customer Value for Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck began its life in 1990 on a modest investment of $7000. Today, however, the Seattle-based company is a multi-million-dollar manufacturer and retailer of premier golf-inspired apparel for men and women.

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See True Profits With Free UPS Software

When a business depends on delivery of time-sensitive documents, efficiency is key. That's why ACUITY relies on the new logistics.

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Thermo-Packaging Keeps Luxury Chocolate Cool

Delivering camel milk chocolate from the deserts of Dubai to connoisseurs worldwide could be a sticky situation. No sweat for the new logistics.

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Why Technology Saves Your Business Time and Money

Business technologies have undergone a sea change in recent years to become faster, more flexible, and much more affordable.

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Being More Sustainable

Sustainable Practices

The globalization of trade and consumption has brought unprecedented opportunities for logistics services providers and their customers, especially those in consumer retail. Over the last few years, UPS has led the logistics industry with its extensive programs for environmental sustainability, reducing fuel use and emissions for its air and ground transportation, and offering solutions to help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

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A Sustainable Supply Chain Is More Efficient:
When TOTO USA wanted to apply its commitment to
sustainable manufacturing to other aspects of its business,
it turned to UPS. The result: carbon offsetting of 75,000
shipments in the first year.

Being More Sustainable

Environmentally sustainable practices and logistics services go hand in hand. Eliminating waste and optimizing time and resource consumption are critical to delivering raw materials and goods around the globe efficiently and cost effectively.

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